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  1. Danny will attend unless changes because bad weather. Sign up: 1.( Liz & Glenn) have to cancel due to family matters 2. Bill 3. Ron & Dot 4. Larry & Gail 5. Danny (depending on weather) 6. 7. 8. 9.
  2. Please add me to list
  3. Sorry to hear that.I learn a lot about our cars from Bill's posts, I never met him but will miss him.Danny
  4. Hi Unable to attend as I have to provide afterhours coverage for the group on Tuesdays.It is a nice restaurant like Mossey's, i was there a month ago.Just came back from India this weekend, of all people, I ran into Jack and Issabelle again at the Camel Festival in Pushkar.Looks like I met them more often than at the Smart Car meetings.Danny
  5. Thanks for the link Tolsen,just bought 4 for my friend Mike. Postage to Canada 6.99 pounds.
  6. Thank Bill for organizing this interesting tour. I tried but unable to upload my pictures despite they were 400-500K size.I have to see what my schedule in January is like and if I can switch with someone.Danny
  7. Hi GlenI saw WeeDiesel 545 PM at Wharncliffe and Oxford on Tuesday evening,.I thought he may be heading for the Labatt tour.The Crash must be after that on tuesday.Danny
  8. 1- Bill2- William3- SMRTENUF - Joyce and John4- James and Dawn5- Carol & Don6- Glenn & Liz7- Danny & Daniel8- Melissa and Bev9- Dave & Lu10-Terry & Phyllis11-John & Diane12- Estelle13- Wayne & Carrie14- Gord & Hugh15-16-17-18-My friend wants to join the tour also.Danny
  9. HiSome one did it with 3 people renting a SUV with camping equipment and travelling the ring road and off road in the West Fjoids. to cut down hotel bills.Danny
  10. HiI had a broken front coil spring (probably from potholes in London) and found that the car was bobbling over bums.I also had worn out ABS rings at that time, I ordered the rings from Harald but he did not have shocks in stock. I emailed Eddy who responded promptly with advice on which one to buy. I was initially interested in the Bilstein but he told me it will need more time to put them on and needs adjustment everytime if I want to change height.I decided to get the Brabus. His price was even better than the OEM from Mercedes London.My friend Mike (SmarTech) installed them for me.I had better handling, (i.e. cornering, decrease understeer).Smartech said "that was the only modification he likes to have in his Smart". I suggested that he should get the Bilstein.Unfortunately, I had replaced my rear tires shortly before this, otherwise I will up grade to better rims and tires.Danny
  11. HiI switched my evening clinic and will be there before 1830.Danny
  12. Hi GlenI was in Iceland the end of June this year. I did not see too many Smarts. There are lots of SUV's due to the Terrain. I was in a vehicle looks like an army truck that can travel across rivers when I did the excursion to Thor's Woods.They do have GPS included with their rentals. But renting cars is expensive from what I was told.Iain, you should go to Iceland now as the currency devaluation. There areno Rollercoasters but amazing scenery. Otherwise it will be expensive again in the next few years.Icelandic Air aloows a stop over in Iceland if you fly to European destination. I took advantage of this when I did a CME Baltic Cruise which I did not enjoy as we had bad weather (rain and strong wind ) in Copenhagen and Berlin. Danny