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  1. https://www.bardiauto.hu/webshop/autoalkatreszek/szemelygepjarmu/SMART/CITY-COUPE/2001/0_8/D/motor-es-segedberendezesei/motoralkatreszek/szelepek-es-alkatreszeik/szelepvezetok?sid=90354077
  2. Hi the 2 roof motors must be removed you can hang it out with a screwdriver at the front you can push the roof back by hand i don't speak english well, sorry
  3. Maybe RPM SENSOR (Bad signal or delay) “I have been repairing smarts for 7 years”
  4. possible reasons: hydraulic valve lifter (wear) rpm (top dead center) sensor (signal delay) (later signal) : this is my last successful fix