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  1. Also if you're looking for a "decent" (like not super amazingly awesome, but good and Digital) Canadian Tire has a "Schumacher" or something like that on for $60. It probably is NORMALLY $60 (CT is famous for hyping up the "normal price by double" to make it look like an awesome deal but it did look solid, well designed and worked out of the box. It even came with the required 9V battery in the package! https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/schumacher-digital-battery-tester-0113005p.html There are comparable ones on Amazon for those of us that are a bit newbie on testing things. But $60 seemed reasonable and it did work properly. And it wasn't hard for a non mechanic to use it (Sure, I'm a Customer Engineer at work but as my old boss Rick would say 'Great with computers, bad with life' so when it comes to cars I'm the nimnul that forgets to change the oil or put in Regular with Synthetic in his best friend's car. I've gotten better but I am absolutely NO car mechanic
  2. Ok, excellent tips @Willys and @LooseLugsNuts . I had HEARD about the Alternator issue and have replaced my Ground cable on the Battery. I didn't like it Now on the Passion (which I am presumed is "fully loaded" there is a white "Stupid connector" right near the positive terminal. Looks clean on mine but...er.... just the *Beep* is it for? The only two options I DON'T have in my 2006 (Canada and sold shipped in Canada) is the Heated Seats and "Fun Powered Rag roof") In the case of my system it turns out (after removing the 12V always hot addon Cigarette plug and a mystery dead power wire) I had a shorted cell in the battery. (Bought a decent $60 tester which kept screaming on each test ... (*Aigh! Short Cell! Short Cell!*) On the battery for my B200 (Dead and long gone but I kept the battery) it passed. So the 18 month old NAPA battery was Tribble food. (They are cute but annoying so let them eat batteries ) I will take a second look for a leak no matter what. People who were CLEARLY not technicians and didn't know enough to keep their fingers out of things they didn't know enough to stay away from were wiring things in. (Ok, like me with my first car ) So I suspect if I go to pull carpet out I'll find other surprises. ....Looking forward to Thursday. I'm buying a twin to mine for parts that could well certify. Also in Canada CT (Crappy Tire) now has an OE (Original Equipment) Eliminator version of the batteries. 1 year less warranty but the EXACT specs from the vendor and LESS than a stock "Eliminator" Just bought one with 650 CCA, 800A for the car. The quoted Eliminator is 600CA and I *think* 750. I see there is an Energizer from Walmart but I'll veer away for two reasons. I'll support a Canadian company and no matter where you go in Canada, like finding a traditional Coffee Shop you will ALWAYS find a Canadian Tire I just don't like Walmart (and I believe they are shutting down their auto shop (or I had heard a rumor to that) If this was the States.... maybe (no Canadian Tire money down there) but I'm not a heavy cross border driver. If all this Malarky clears up somebody I might just drive to Florida once for fun .......but not today. My longest run short term would be Ottawa to Niagara Falls....
  3. I know the process on determining Battery drain (Multimeter, AMP test and pass meter between Battery Neg and Car ground with Battery unplugged from car Ground and test for hire current output) then begin yanking fuses until the drain "magically goes away" Any typical culprits on a Passion with all options except heated seats in a NON rag top configuration I should watch out for? Radio is still stock (yay! This actually sounds like it has a Sub of some type with the Loudness button on, very impressed) I will do some digging as there were antenna (thin wires stuck on but attached to nothing) and a Power line run straight from the battery to nothing (no I'm not kidding, all ends were wrapped off so nothing bad happened) which I've decoupled and removed. Battery drains to 75% in about an hour but recharges AWFULLY quick with a 2A charge.... maybe an hour when it should take a few hours) I can drop an eliminator (Crappy Tire) booster and start it everytime so I'm pretty certain Ground is good.
  4. Just looked at my recently purchased 2006 Fortwo. This thread explains why I was staring at the Headlight cluster wondering why the mystery middle lights didn't light So a summer project then, move the blinkers up, swap out the sides with LEDS and wire up the Sides as blinkers as well. then put the fogs where the fogs darn well should be
  5. Oh I LOVE this. In the world of computers (well probably technology in general) we would call this an "Undocumented feature". Or let me guess, it's a case of actually RTFM and it's sitting there ready to use eh? Thanks for the tip on the Signals. I'll try a mix. I found on the B200 I could put LEDS on the back half and Analog on the front and it was happy. Failing that it's put 'em all back the way they were. I am going to swap whatever interior bulbs over to LED. I have a big pile I had in my B200 sitting on my desk now ready for the next car Now I'll need to find the internal dash bits for under the radio. Somebody mounted in some hardware but must have used a Steak knife to cut it to shape.... *shudder* It plugs into the onboard to show diagnostic stuff, fuel economy etc.... cool item but it was a complete butcher job on the install.
  6. No, mine was a 2009 (Donated to Kars4Kids.org this morning) It was purchased 2 years ago for $5,000. Got one new Alternator (Mercedes from Mercedes with Labour for $1400). 1 year later the Alternator and A/C compressor decided to eat up the belt and the Starter failed two months after. I had a 2006 B200 with all the same failings *and* the infamous "Transmission issue" with the bad internal sensor. So It was a matter of weighing the value of the fix vs. the value of the car. I will buy a Mercedes again but it will be Brand new and leased under warranty or (Oh I would LOVE to find one in good condition) a late '80's 300SD. But I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Pickup the Car, Drop my plates on, shampoo it out and thoroughly enjoy driving Diesel again!
  7. Already been digging into the Line In option on the built in Radio and noting "Find your radio code now". With Mercedes in the design I was certain the Drivetrain and the car might be paired to the VIN, so watching out already. Already looking into swapping all the lights over internally with LEDs as well as the the exterior (I have the entire pile from the B200 I had scooped up on Amazon). Going to do some digging to see if resistance is an issue with the Smart on the Signal lights. It wasn't quite right so I couldn't use the LEDS on the signals there. Hoping the little Smart can Cheers!
  8. I still remember seriously looking into buying Smart CDI when they JUST hit the dealers in Canada and took it for a test drive. The math was great. with 75MPG even with the higher payments and higher insurance my Annual usage costs would have been cheaper.... then I found an 81 300CD running cheap that killed that whole math But as of Wednesday I'll own a 2006 Smart CDI Passion. Silly thing even has a moonroof in it. So quite an upgrade from my Dead Mercedes B200 (Starter went and that's an EXPENSIVE job to do) I'll be searching the boneyard for some interior bits below the radio on this one (some type of aftermarket fuel economy toy is mounted which is cool, but it was carved open using a butter knife it looks like) Haven't been this excited about a car in a long time. If it goes well, I'll grab another (they're cheap enough) and have two in the driveway