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  1. Looks I am now! After reading posts here on hitches since posting this thread, I learned that there is something called a Smart 450 and a 451. Being a Smart owner for a grand total of 3 days, I'm learning plenty each day. Apparently the hitch that Curt makes (at an incredibly high price) is for the 451, so this leaves me with no option but to build my own. Great to hear that the resourceful members here have tackled this project. Will definitely be searching for the plans. Have a welder and although not great at welding, I'm sure I can cheat my way through. After all the main purpose of the hitch isn't so much for towing but mainly to stay "legal" as far as having my trailer hooked up to a vehicle at the back of my house. Glad that I won't have to fork out over $300 for a commercial hitch. Thanks for the heads up.
  2. Hi all, looking for a hitch for a 05 Smart. Local shops sell the Curt ones but none are in stock (takes over a week to get them) and the price is sky-high. In Calgary, so somewhere in AB is preferable. Shipping from elsewhere could be prohibitive but if you can let me know the weight/dimensions I can inquire with Canada Post as to the cost.
  3. Great info there. Thanks. I just took a closer look at the threads, it isn't clear but they do seem to be OK. With the other stuff in the way it's hard to get a clear picture but it does appear to be mostly intact. Since there's no chunk missing, if tapping becomes necessary I don't see why it wouldn't work. I have contacted a friend mechanic that I hope will be able to stop by to take a look. Everyone's super busy these days so it wouldn't surprise me if it he takes him a bit of time to come by. If for some reason he absolutely cannot help me then it is good to know that Stickman007 is a possible option. Trust me, I'm not about to contact a garage for this. Since the main reason for getting a Smart was to park it in the alley hooked up to my trailer, if I have to wait sometime to get this figured out then no biggie. The part that sucks is, wife really wants to drive the thing - especially on a hot day with the top fully down. Yes, she misses our old VW Cabriolet. I suspect she'd enjoy driving the Smart that much more. Note: the PO may not have been the one to have messed with the injectors. He doesn't strike me as A: that mechanically inclined; B: as someone with mental retardation. I mean, who the hell puts a line backwards, let alone 2. As is, the engine cover hits the top of the line. That right there should have been an indication that this isn't the way to fit them in place. We will get this thing going, eventually. Since everything else works great in the car other than a good cleaning and the starting issue, it did drive well. I'm actually looking forward to working on it, going over all of the items listed in this thread. Best way to familiarize oneself with a vehicle. As long as I can hook it up to my trailer then it's already doing its job. Which reminds me: better start a thread looking for a hitch.
  4. Here, allow me to put a face to the name: Across the street is his cousin, a 84 Rabbit with a 1.9L turbo diesel off a 93 Golf. The Smart needs a good cleaning, inside and out as it sat with the top down inside a messy garage for over 2 years. Has two new winter tires in the back, which likely helped to slow the car down during the long drive home but still managed to hit 110km/h. Sure I could've gone more but didn't want to force things till after I got home and gave it some love. Then the next morning it wouldn't start and here we are.
  5. That's terrific. We are making progress here. And no, the PO did not disclose that he had monkeyed around with the engine. He said that he paid someone to drop the engine to install a new starter (and thus the reason for the AC not working). I took a better video showing more details of the injectors. And a new question: should the engine vibrate this much during cranking? Did they forget to install the engine mounts or is this much movement normal? https://youtu.be/vpDsNY9oD48 Edit: during the test drive I did see a bit of smoke coming from the engine and a bit of diesel around where the injector bolt is missing, sitting at the engine. He gave me some BS excuse that didn't make a lot of sense but now it has me wondering if he did something to get the car started (possibly spraying starter fluid?). So yeah, there was a bit of diesel leaking out but not much. I drove the car some 15km home that night other than a bit of smoke there was no diesel dripping. This is all beginning to paint a picture as to why the car won't start, possibly due to air getting in due to the poorly sealed injector? Regardless this clearly needs to be addressed and that'll be item no. 1 in my list. Where do I go from here? Should I remove all injectors? A friend mechanic knows diesels well and if anyone can tell if an injector is good or bad that'd be him. Then try and track down the missing parts. If that's a good plan of action could someone please guide on safely removing the injectors?
  6. First off, I really appreciate you guys extending me the welcome mat. As someone that first test drove the Smart 15 years ago and have been dying to get one ever since I feel like I'm a part of the family. It's so refreshing being in a Canadian forum. Will definitely be sticking around. Wow such great tips. Very plausible that one or a combination of these may be the issue. Regardless, these are all very valid maintenance tips and glad that it was brought to my attention. These cars do seem finicky so preventative maintenance is clearly a must. I'll try to respond to some of the questions asked above as it will help you figure out what the issue could be. But for now please consider the new info I'm posting here. A neighbour heard me trying to start the car and his comment was that it sounded like one of the cylinders wasn't responding. We looked at the engine and saw one of the bolts securing the glow plugs was missing and some of the hardware had fallen loose, like a bracket. Please see pic below. I should also point out that I run my OBSD code reader and it brought up the code for a glow plug. Could it be that the middle cylinder isn't firing, possibly cause it's not secured in place? Glow plug/fuel line seems tight, despite the bolt not being there. But could it be losing compression due to the missing bolt, thus not wanting to start? I can't locate the round bolt, suppose will need to find a replacement. Either this came loose on its own or someone had messed with the glow plugs and didn't properly fasten it.
  7. Thanks for the quick replies. Yes, good idea to replace the fuel filter and possibly drain the water separator. Not having even the basic owners manual means I have no idea where these'd be located. Is there such a thing as an online owners/service manual available here by any chance? Or possibly a DIY for basic maintenance in this site? Suppose I could start searching for these but I'm as new at this forum as I am to Smart cars. As for the oil level I did check it and it is full. Although the PO did say I should do a change since it's sat for so long. Btw could a clogged up EGR cause a no start? Hmm then again the car did appear to run well when I drove it home, even hitting just past 110km/h. If the EGR was clogged up I suppose the car would be super sluggish. Oh and thanks for clarifying what the blinking wrenches are. I'm staying as far away from my local Merc dealers as I possibly can. Is there a way to stop it from coming up?
  8. Quick note: had someone turn the key on as I stood by the engine bay with the lid off. I could hear the fuel pump buzzing, so it is getting juice. Suppose this eliminates possible SAM causes?
  9. Hope the community can help me with this puzzling issue. Here's a video of it trying to start: Just bought this 05 diesel Smart a couple of days ago. It started fine (must've started it over 20 times with no issues) and drove fine. Brought it home and the next day it wouldn't start. 2 days later it still refuses to fire up. Seller did warn me about this but in his case it would fire up occasionally, sometimes after 3 tries, sometimes it wouldn't start at all. Car had been parked in his garage for over 2 years. Took the chance as I got a good deal on it (or so I thought) and now this issue. He put a new starter in it in the spring. It has a full tank of diesel. Don't think it's bad glow plugs as it's summer and hot outside. I replaced the 10A the fuse no. 16 (as some claim this fixed their issue) and still no go. Now I see the wrench icon blinking on the dash, something that wasn't there 2 days ago. I have pressed the brake pedal, put it in gear, back to neutral and it cranks for about 3 to 4 seconds then stops. I also see that there's a yellow warning light (right beside the seat belt warning light) that resembles a gas pump or something. Suppose this is related but not having the owners manual I have no idea what that warning light means. Anyone seen anything like this or know where I could start to look? Again, this car run so well the previous day that I didn't think it would be this bad an issue. But having a car that I spent money insuring and plated not starting is no fun. Appreciate any feedback/suggestions.