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  1. I need help with a warranty claim. I bought my 2018 Smart Fortwo in 2019, VIN# WMEFJ9BA0JK30592. Probably one of the last sold in Canada. Victoria may be the best place in North America for electric cars. An island with a mild climate. Problem is, the horn button doesn’t work if you press it on the bottom right side, around the 4:30 point. Press anywhere on the other three quadrants and it works fine. Three Point Motors is telling me this is a design feature. They say they found three other cars that work the same way and the horn button only has icons at top right and top left so all the horn buttons are supposed to work like this. They didn’t bother explaining why my horn works when you press the bottom left of the button. Seems to me I should deal first with their claim that all the horns work this way. If you have a Smart Fortwo with a horn that works where ever you press the button could you let me know? Also please let me know if your horn button has a dead section like mine. I would use my neighbor’s 2019 Smart Fortwo as an example but it has been in the shop for 7 months. When they realized they should have a back up display in their rear view mirror they took it in. Three Point Motors found the wiring harness was missing. They are waiting for a replacement with no end in sight. Thank you for any info, advice or stories. Cheers. Mike