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  1. Yes, im currently looking into buying snow tires. We may just settle for using the car as is. Snow tires are a must where I am. I am fortunate that we will not be travelling far for work Thanks for your help.
  2. Thats interesting. Please keep in mind im very novice when it comes to cars in general. My only question is how do i know this is safe to do something like this?
  3. I appreciate your input. Fast reply. Im surprised they dont make studdable tires for them, but i havent tried the vehicle in the snow yet. Mostly just using it for a commuter car to and from work. It's super close and a flat drive. We bought a 2008 fortwo for 3000 $. Drives fine no issues that i know of. 56k on the engine.
  4. Hello I just bought a 2008 smart fortwo. Wondering if anyone knows where I could buy studdable winter tires for it as there has only been one winter tire option available so far and its unstuddable Tires 155/60 R15 and 175/55 R15 Thank you!