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  1. We hired Izzy aka Stickman007 to give our smart 450 thorough going over from tip to tail, Brakes, Clutch fork brass ball mod, intercooler bracket mod, intercooler replaced, replaced 2 engine mounts, changed tranny oil, all fluids, all filters, oil filter adapter, alternator belt, alternator over running pulley upgrade, replaced thermostat, parking brake cables replaced, headlights polished and UV wrapped, leaking windscreen seal replaced, SAM box sealed up, replaced glow plugs, EGR Delete and Remapped, new tires & alignment, completely detailed as shown in the pics and probably alot more I missed! we feel confident the repairs, upgrades and preventative maintenance Izzy has done will take us forward for years to come! it currently has about 100,000 km Thank you Stickman007 for all your hard work!
  2. Enjoy it we are on our way to full blown winter!
  3. My DIY security ....about 30 years ago before technology lol I had a problem with ppl stealing our snomobiles I took a motion sensor light and mounted it under the eave of the shed (wired it with an extension cord) directly above where the sleds were stored I pointed the sensor down at the sleds and in the socket instead of a bulb I put in a screw in adapter that turned it into 2 prong outlet now in to this outlet I plugged in a an old battery charger and ran the charge leads to 2 nice loud Chrysler car horns all mounted up under the eave of the shed it worked very well we would park the sleds go in and plug the cord to the motion light. And yes it worked great the sensor area was directly down over the sleds so it never went off unless someone was poking around out there and they were! All we ever saw were the tracks they left now days instead I would use a laptop adapter instead of a battery charger and for the horns some of them self contained air horns would be cool to scare the crap out of them.
  4. Well on Monday Nov 2/2020 we drove 900km to Lloydminister Alberta then Nov 3/2020 we drove 300km more through Edmonton to a rural area with the smart car in tow and dropped it off for a winter holiday at Stickman007’s place to work his magic on it. Unfortunately we only got to visit and meet for about an hour in person with the Covid and all and we did a fast turnaround and travelled back to Lloydminister then rested a day then back to Manitoba We are getting the works done on it by the master mechanic! Looking forward to next spring! Thank you stickman007 for taking this on.
  5. I have HEARD that using the wrong type can bang the kilometers up on speedo 10,000km each time its plugged in I was wondering about that too.
  6. do you have a Picture of the sponge install please? I need to do this
  7. oh i have not found the vent tube? anyone have a pic?
  8. Nigel thanks! .....ahhh ok eliminate the connector wire it direct!. I saw that connector and my battery was loose in the well sliding forward and I put a chunk of rubber under the battery and tightened it down I was worried about that connector getting damaged I like the bypass option...sorry for the dumb question only had the car 10 days so far I'm learning lots here!
  9. just curious I have a 450 how do you bypass it? just unplug? Thank you
  10. lilturbo, here is a wheelbase cross reference tool there are some out there close you might find something suitable anyway for entertainment purposes here is a link
  11. Welcome ! please post pics when you get it done! maybe think about putting the smart body on a 4x4 chasis from something else? I'm sure it will be cool whatever you do to it smarts are cool!
  12. please put a link to the post i would like to see it so I know Thank you
  13. Thank you Willys I will keep that in mind I just did not want you to go to the trouble to dig them out and then I not decide to take them is all My nephew actually printed some this afternoon so will take that option first but thank you... I will post a pic... he's in BC and will send them in the mail to me.
  14. I will call Winnipeg next week for giggles and see what they say I will post back here when I get the information Thank you
  15. Don't spend time searching I think I have a lead on some thank you