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  1. I have tried charging the battery also.The battery did get low on power after the second day of trying to diagnose the problem. Lately I have been jumping power from my other vehicle while I try and figure out what's wrong. Both the smart and my other vehicle have AGM batteries with plenty of juice it seems. I do have a decent code reader that gives me OEM trouble codes and regular OBD2 codes. Nothing pops up while cranking the car tho.. Only if I unplug a sensor or something then I will get a code. I know with STAR you can test individual sensors and such but I cannot do any of those with mine. I got it to run off starting fluid once, it ran for about 6 seconds (shaking and hesitating a bit) then once the alternator kicked in the rpms slowly dropped because the extra load and it shutdown again. I don't think I should keep using the starting fluid tho, whenever the engine sucks in the fluid it develops a loud knock trying to fire. Without any fluid it sounds fine.. Small car but big headaches lol
  2. Yesterday I removed both plugs off the ECU and didn't see any corrosion present. I even did a continuity check on the injector plugs and ECU plug without any problems. When I did the fan swap I didn't unplug anything, I only removed the intake hose between the egr and intake manifold for clearance. I also loosened and checked the engine ground and the other ground present above the intercooler, all had clean mating surfaces. I can confirm the lift pump is working by the sound and with my power probe. The pump was replaced just over a year ago too. The SAM unit is sending power to the pump also. I have checked the alternator visually and seen that it spins freely. I appreciate all the help so far, thank you.
  3. It's cranking but no start. It seems to slightly fire off 1 cylinder during start. After I changed the fan it ran for about 5 seconds then developed a misfire. I shut the car off and now it won't start. I'm thinking maybe the harness above the intercooler got damaged after I moved it around but it doesn't look damaged. I checked fuel pressure sensor and had about 1.5v on start and drops to 1.3 ish after cranking. The makes me believe it's getting fuel but maybe injectors aren't firing?
  4. Does anyone around Brampton/Vaughan have access to a star diagnostic machine? My smart 450 cdi is experiencing problems and I can't locate the problem. It will not start after changing the intercooler fan. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!