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  1. My Wife and I are planing to drive to Grand Manan Island first to go Whale watching.Next we want to see the Hopewell Rocksand after that I am open to any Suggestion you might have.Being 77 Years old I can not climb Mountains anymore.
  2. What about Gold Diesel?Has anybody driven on Hyway 20 through Quebec?What Stations have Diesel there?
  3. I am planing to drive from Ontario to New Brunswick this Summer in my 2005 PureWill I be able to get Diesel for my Car ?]
  4. From one flyer to anotherWelcome to the forum
  5. Hello Diesel Dave, me talk to John? He and his car are twice my size.But why do I pay the same for my parking spot???
  6. Hello Diesel Dave, if the mayor of Hamilton is driving a Smart car,does it mean all the Pottholes in Hamilton - Stoney Creek will be fixed finally?????
  7. Thanks a lot guys
  8. Hello Eddie, maybe I did not make myself quite clear.First of all I need glasses when I drive,so I can only use "clip on" sunshades,but the Sun was coming from the left and the Sunshade in the Smart does not have a hinge so it could be moved to the left to block out the Sun. N.B.I do not like tinted Windshields. Manfred
  9. Just came back from a lovely Sundayafternoon drive and I am half blind.The Sun coming from the left and no Sunshade.Any Suggestions? Manfred
  10. I know what you are going through.Noseprints are only the beginning and can be removed with a chamois,supplied by Smart in their Giftpack. Wait 'til you get all the questions:"is it electric etc etc. But it is fun .Good luck Manfred
  11. Welcome to the Club. Have you named your Smart yet?I named mine "Red Baron".With a first Name like mine,Manfred,and a Red & Black Smart what else could I call it?I even put a Tri-Plane on the dash. Regards from Canadas Ice Wine Province Manfred
  12. Hello to you All, took my "Red Baron"for a run down the Road to Jordan Village,Ontario. Hope you enjoy the pics, as much as I did the Area. Manfred
  13. And what is PDI,may I ask? Regards Manfred
  14. I hope I didn't open up a can of worms.Here are some more questions. Mainly for "Ontarians":If your Dealer didn't charge you the, did you still get the refund on your prov.salestax for cars that consumes less than 6 liters of fuel for 100km?I didn't. Manfred
  15. Hello Everybody! Does anybody know anything about the federal tax for Airconditioners in Smart cars? Is it still valid and how much?Can't find anything on the Government Websites. Thank you in Advance for ant Info. Manfred