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  1. UPDATE: Problem solved. Started examining the harness that goes to the ESP. Found a broken wires... Looks like someone ran over something and crushed a couple of wires. Repaired the wires, performed a transmission relearn + clutch relearn and BAM like new. Everything works, no codes. Crazy that if the ESP gets no power even the sunroof doesn't work... Thanks everyone <3 <3 <3 Pics of broken wires: https://yadi.sk/i/rJhU4bhEE47NJA https://yadi.sk/i/kDBDG3ZZjHIUsA
  2. Thanks for getting back to me. Yup, all fuses were checked all the SAM taken apart to look for broken solder joints. Little discovery has been made. My roof controls stopped working as well. I was outside the car and pushed the roof button on the keyfob and it opened up, but now it wont go back up. Controls from the inside do not work nor the fob. Also while looking at transmission data I found this: https://yadi.sk/i/T05HX_DPNZUFcg https://yadi.sk/i/zxUhR3kVDCheHQ From the looks of it, the car seems to think it is moving. Could explain why the roof doesn't work. .. Update: Checked the same data page on another 451 and see this: https://yadi.sk/i/h0D4N98Os9--yw https://yadi.sk/i/xIDUyiycAvye4Q All the speed values are at 0 UNTIL i turn off the ignition and they all revert to the numbers that you see in the first set. I think that's the default numbers it displays when it cannot communicate with ESP. It looks like ESP is the cause of all my issues. Wish I could upload pics more than 2mb.
  3. Removed the SAM and took it apart and found absolutely nothing. All joints are perfect and the boards show no damage at all. One down, a lot more to go...
  4. They are on the ground,but that wont help as the shifter lock is not disengaging. I have several 451's I can compare to and if you put your hand on the side of the center console and press the brakes, you feel is engage and disengage. I do not feel that on this one. Might throw a new brake switch in there...
  5. Ya, I swapped the battery out and even put a jump pack on it. My biggest question is why the shifter is locked... Another piece of information I discovered is that when I try to do a clutch relearn or engage any transmission components I keep getting the message "Engine Must Not Run And Must Not Be Started". Using a Launch Pro diagnostic tool. Not sure if its giving me an error or what because it won't get past that page when I try to use any of those functions. NVM, looks like STAR shows the same messages. Will continue looking.
  6. Update solution in post #10 Morning, Maybe someone can point me in the right direction in search of my problem. I did find this thread by @stickman007 which is basically what I have, but his is a 450. I didn't really understand what was issue, so maybe he can chime in if he has time. Maybe someone will point me in the right direction before I start a long dio path. Any help is much appreciated Car: 2009 Smart ForTwo Passion. Symptoms: No communication with ESP Won't Turn over( I hear a relay clicking when I try to start it) Wont Shift out of park(Moves if I manually disengage the lock) Won't complete transmission learn(I hear it starting it and something moving, but dont think it actually finishes it) Brake lights don't work, but 3rd brake light works which tells me the brake switch works, but it doesn't disengage the shifter lock. ECM Current Codes: P0500 Speed Sensor 1 Has A Malfunction. U0002 Drive Train CAN Bus OFF Fault P0318 Open Circuit At Signal Path Rough Road Detection TCM Current Codes: P0500 Speed Of Driven Axle: Values Are Implausible. P1600 Speed Of Non-driven Axle: Values Are Implausible U0122 No Or Incorrect CAN Message From Control Unit N47-5 (ESP Control Unit) P1800 Implausible Transmission Data SAM Current Codes: U1102 No Or Incorrect CAN Message From Control Unit N47-5 (ESP Control Unit) IC Current Codes: B1103 No Or Incorrect CAN Message From Control Unit N47-5 (ESP Control Unit) EPS Current Codes: C1501 No CAN Message 'Vehicle Speed' From Control Unit N47-5(ESP Control Unit). C1504 No CAN Message 'Wheel Speeds' From Control Unit N47-5(ESP Control Unit). C1502 No CAN Message 'Steering Angle Adaptation' From Control Unit N47-5(ESP Control Unit) TPMS Current Codes: C423 Implausible Data Were Received From ESP.