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  1. Thanks for the info I have a look bye for now
  2. Hi there all smart car owners my wife has a 2009 convertible it suffers from water leaks etc Many thanks for the add We live in Hastings East Sussex England Photo of our car Many thanks for adding me I am having trouble trying to find e box its not above the battery as Google quotes any ideas?
  3. Many thanks for your help Mick
  4. M
  5. Hi there its the light at the bottom of the dash which shows the digital fuel gauge etc it tries to go off after 30 seconds but flashes once and stays on cheers
  6. Sweet where do u live now then
  7. That might be why I can't find it the problem I am having is the display light is staying on and I saw a post from 10 years ago saying it was a Canadian e box when I Google it says it is just above the battery but not on ours