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  1. Yes, if has blue seats, and 79000km
  2. Verify if you have Diesel in tank, and not gasoline, is check engine light on? Check for fault codes? Unlock on key fob then try start
  3. Wrote that number on numerous locations , the irony is it's my father's birth year . Now to figure out how to connect phone , as no actual instructions can be found yet, more or less waiting for rear reluctors, LED s, Fuel filter, then a roadtest
  4. Resolved, I emailed numerous dealers, I got a reply from one dealer, and it was the correct number
  5. Thank you, had radio out, also removed the tray below it, and only managed to find a Mc Donald coffee card(free coffee)lol, and some old parking passes, no numbers for radio though
  6. After taking IC apart , I found the O/E fan motor had a bad vibration, modded in a 80cfm fan
  7. Thanks,lol, had to try, I had removed radio and took pictures of the label for reference, bought car not running, and radio is in safe mode, now trying to get all in order, but the radio puzzles me
  8. I pulled the tray out from bellow the radio, in picture there's a sticker with a 4 digit number, from your experience, is this the radio code? I tried it, no-go
  9. Is there a slim chance of a record for the radio code?
  10. With the collection of vins , do you happen to have the radio code😉