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  1. Hi' again. Well, of course i should have responded in english. Actually ALL my problems is fixed now. The central lock "box" in the door was completely dead. Found another used at a scrap-yard, and just changed it over with the dead one, connected the cable and woopti, now all car locks up and the antitheftsystem activates when locking. So yeah thanks for any advices, the problem is solved now. Regarding the horn: Inside of the steering wheel, behind the airbag, there is 4 contactpoints for the horn button to the electronic, those where "Rusty" / "grown together" "no connection" so i repolished them with sandpaper, put everything back together, turned the ignition on, and woopti, the horn now works fine again. For the broken actuator, i replaced it when another "newer and well-lubricated", resetted the fault, and now running again, but with several issues when attempting to go for reverse gear. So next month i'll get a brand new clutch installed. Well. A lot of time spend now, but with everything working, the hours is well spend. Be fast, Be smart, DRIVE SMART 😁👌 Auf wiedersehen, goodbye, farvel for nu 👍 Ps. Pictures will come when the car is all cleaned.
  2. Hej Leadwing. Tak for velkomsten. Jeg er sikker på at jeg kommer til at bruge dette forum flittigt. Amerikansk bosiddende dansker ?? Havde ikke lige regnet med at få en dansk respons tilbage Har ikke fået kigget på groundcables endnu, da min clutch actuator igår valgte at knække i den elektriske del. Så nu holder min Super Smarte Smart stille. Håber at få den fixet idag :-/ Nå, men tak igen. Thor//
  3. WILLYS: Thanks for answer. Actually i didn´t thought that my wishes would be heard. But now it´s open, and i will agree to take my penalty for opening it again :-D And to get burned and goin´ to hell, is a better option for my soul than getting ate up by worms and rats ;-) Well i just bought the car one week ago and my friend doesn´t even bother about the problem, he just said: Fuck this, they can take my car i don´t care. Even though, i´m sure he will be happy if i can make it work for him :-) But before i´m starting to use a lot of cash for electronics like stereo and stuff, it would be nice for the car to lock. i know breaking a window is easy, but at least i can do my best to make it work. At the same time i can´t find peace in my brain if i know somethings not working. And whatever i touch/take part in, im a nerd. So tomorrow i will definately strip the car completely down, and find the problem, because what u are writing makes a lot of sence. Maybe i´m lucky finding the problem around the fusebox quick in the process. And my plan for tomorrow was anyways to use all day around the car. 08´ so an old car, but the motor just runs sooo smooth, so the time spend on the car is good time for me. Well, loong answer and i know, at least half of it is off topic, and pointless. But your anwer deserved a return :-) Sry for my ¨Danglish¨, not often i use english nowadays. But thanks for your anwer, i´ll let the forum know if i find the problem. Cheers!
  4. Hi' all. New member from DK here. I know that this topic is 15 years old, but if ANYONE still gets notices from it, i really need your help. I am the happy owner of an Smart 451 0,8 cdi, and i have a friend with the exact same car, and the exact same problem as me. I have read all this thread, and have a similar problem, but only half of it. My left door/drivers door won't lock with the central lock. New battery in key, no blewn fuses, right door, back window locks, but not the left one. My horn doesnt work neither. No problems regarding the cables in the fuel door. Someone PLZ help if possible! MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR. Best regards and THANKS IN ADVANCE. SMART DK//