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  1. Merry Late Christmas Everyone!
  2. Okay, thanks for the info! Do you have a link to the rebuild kit?
  3. Yes, I have a constant humming noise coming from the alternator with the engine off. It has a pretty big draw and it goes away once the lead to the alternator from the battery is removed. I also recently replaced my factory radio, but wasn't related to a battery draw issue! Just curious if anyone recommends a certain alternator for a diesel smart
  4. Has anyone in the club had good luck with that alternator? ( WAI GLOBAL 23901N ). My alternator has a bad diode and is killing my battery if it sits for a couple days. Haven't seen any reviews about it anywhere..
  5. Hello everyone, I've owned my Smart for about 6 months and have been lurking on these forums over that period of time. Thought it was finally time to say hello! I'm located on Vancouver Island and picked up the smart as a more nimble alternative to my 93 12 valve cummins It's a 2006 Brabus Nightrun Edition 48/50. I've done the full egr delete, stage 1 malone tune, relocated turn signals, and a few other mods so far! I look forward to spending more hours searching the forums for valuable information. Cheers
  6. I Would also be interested in a shorter rear view mirror support! https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3060395
  7. Picked up my first Smart 3 months ago and already put over 5,000km on it
  8. Fronts are "90┬░ turn and pull" and rears are remove the rear end or remove inner fender and go in from the wheel well