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  1. Thanks, I wish I could read German;-) As part of my diagnosis, leading up to my repair. I performed the clutch actuator relearn mechanically and with our SnapOn scan tool. All the wires were fine around the intercooler. I also did clean the grounds and replaced a rotten braided ground cable from the engine to the body. All didn't cure. My photo shows the wire worn through. On wet salty roads of Ontario, this caused havoc to the signal and confused the computer. After I repaired the wires, I'm able to drive through saltwater puddles and not worry. My daughter can now make it home. I wouldn't have been able to figure it out without past posts in this group. 👥
  2. Our 05 ForTwo has been intently getting stuck between gears. Turning off the ignition multiple times, then it will be fine. It finally got bad enough, and I was able to diagnose it. I also finally have codes. P1917-Over Current Cut Out P2402-Transmission Blockage-Function Failure P2403-Gear Shift Operation had to be Repeated. P1925-B43 Gear Position Sensor Reading multiple treads in here and other sites, I decided to look for wiring issues. I found the wire to a sensor on the end of a transmission to be worn through. This goes to, and I believe, a shaft speed sensor. (Any manuals I have access to don't have Smart Cars listed till 2008, so I can't ID it) The attachment is of the codes and wiring. What do you use for manuals? I want code descriptions, flow charts and wiring diagrams. I can't locate a good aftermarket supplier. At work, we use IdentaFix, and Pro Demand, but they are American companies, and they don't acknowledge the Smart Car existed till 2008.
  3. Hi, I'm Scott from the Ottawa area. My wife and I bought a 2005 ForTwo Cabriolet a five years ago while waiting for her hip surgery. We couldn't ride motorcycles and this looked fun. Our daughter claimed it for her own when she got her licence. She loves it. I've had issues like an alternator going, starter failing, water pump, and a crankshaft position sensor. Lucky for me, I'm a licenced Auto mechanic. I dint know if I'd still have this care paying someone to fix it. I've joined this group in hopes to find a solution to my shifting issues and codes. The group has fulfilled my expectations! I'll post symptoms and repairs in a more suitable chat. Scott