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  1. I do see the Arctic Freeze. One of at least 3 packaging offerings from InterDynamics. Interesting. Looks like the 12a is better in many ways than 134a which is due to be phased out and replaced with HFO-1234yf. Treasure Island is a great place as are the many Florida barrier islands. With Summer upon us I am happy to have cold A/C again and the easy to cool small Smart space. :-)
  2. Blowing cold air now! The refill kit worked with little effort. $47 from Amazon. The low side was 10 PSI, now 45 PSI. From what I added, I have enough for 3 more refills. Hopefully I won't need it for a long time. InterDynamics AC Pro Car Air Conditioner R134A Refrigerant, AC Recharge Kit Includes Gas, Gauge and Hose, 15 Oz, Pack of 2
  3. Thanks Willys, The flow is equal from both sides, it's just the difference in temp that makes me curious. If the temp of both was colder, I would be okay. Since I'm getting some cold A/C I suspect the system is working but low on refrigerant. I just ordered an R134A refill and will try that
  4. There doesn't seem to be hoses. The ducting is molded plastic. The flow from both sides is strong. Left side vent is 70 degrees F, Right is 64, outside air temp 79.
  5. Thanks Willys, There was a snake. 6' long or so but it was in the cargo area and keeping to itself. We are getting along well. ;-) I will check the hose. The side that works is not blowing ice cold as before, so I still suspect an issue with the A/C. I'll check the exact vent temp.
  6. My 2014 451 is not as cold as it was before 5 months in storage. I checked the temp sensor wires and connection under the dash but they looked okay. Also the passenger side vents are somewhat cold but the drivers side is warm. Any things to check before I go to a refrigerant issue?
  7. Thank you Jacksonville! I do have that forum bookmarked but have not joined yet. Thanks for the reminder.
  8. That's what I suspected and hoped! Thank you.
  9. I am enjoying my 2014 451 after one year and no issues. Just recently when I disarm, I get many tail light flashes. I see no help in the manuals on this. Any input is appreciated. Michael