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  1. With the recent shortage from local suppliers. We had brought in a small amount of Toyo and Continental summer tires. Visit our website or email us for availability.
  2. While some brand name no longer supply tires for this make and model. This year we have brought in a small amount for the 450 in the sizes of 145/65r15 and 175/55r15. Shop soon before they run out.
  3. 450 cdi remap $250.00 Well known and reliable. Proven with many cars on this forum and beyond. Increase torque and horsepower. Improve throttle response. reduce shifting lag. And in some cases, improved fuel mileage. Drive-in or ship in your MEG. Ends Cyber Monday.
  4. We have a small selection of (factory sized) all-weather and winter tires for 450, 451, and 453. While supply last! Shop early before they run out for this winter.
  5. We have a small collection on hand. And always buying close out inventories from dealers around the world. There are over 10 cars being parted at this moment. Many discontinued servicing parts are also in the works to be re-manufactured I will try to support for as long as I can until full retirement. When that day comes. There will be a big open house garage sale.
  6. It has been almost 19 years since we first worked on these cars. And many are still trying to keep them running. I can still remember the waiting list for the first couple of years in Canada.
  7. We have upwards of a dozen smart cars selling in whole or in parts. Whole car include: 2010 Brabus cabriolet in Black. 136,000km. 2006 passion loaded options. With leather heated seats and air condition. Over 200,000km 2006 passion with sliding glass roof and air conditioning. 100,000km. Many new parts include front strut and springs, alternator, rack & pinion, etc. This car is cursed Many, many used and new parts for 450, 451, and even some 453 include: door frame, door glass, door panels, fenders, bumpers, re-bars, engines, transmissions, sub-frame, cross member, 451 S-Mann body kit, 450 Brabus side skirts and spoilers, wiper motor, wiper linkages, Several good chassis of coupe and cabriolet with title for you to build on. Just about anything for 450. Send us an email with your needs. Will ship anywhere.
  8. Used. Very rare in North America. Low mileage. Vredestein all-weather tires.
  9. Old inventory. Brand new in the box. 5.5x15 ET22. Retail $332.95. Will sell it at cost.
  10. With the cost of fuel, inflation, and the lack of car supply in general. Used smart cars has gain popularity; and the value is much higher then pre-covid. Over the years. People who were selling their cars often refer the the purchaser that their car was service and maintain by us. This usually gain a lot of trust from the purchaser. Since they may had visited Club Smart car for reference. But seldom the purchaser will contact us with the seller's name and the VIN to confirm the fact. These days. Many sellers (including used car dealers) use this to their advantage. Our experience include. While some cars may had been here only once or twice in their life. Others may had been here before. But we have not worked on it for 2 or more years. While some had only been here for trouble shoot; but the actual repair was done elsewhere. Some has been here for regular maintenance. But always deny major repairs. Some has purchase many parts from us; but we had never seen the car. You get the picture. While some is true to the heart that the car has not been to anywhere else since purchased new for 10-15+ years. Our advise is. If the seller claim the car was maintained by our establishment. Have them show you prove of receipts. Otherwise, contact us to confirm before you close the deal. It will be too late once you made the purchase then encounter problems and come to us and find out that wasn't the case.
  11. Cash Only! No credit card or e-Transfer. In house install only. 450 cdi remap $250. 450 cruise control install and activation $250. (while supply last) One day only. From 9:00am to 5:00pm. By appointment.
  12. For about a year or so. There was a panic of many parts are being back ordered or discontinue. from all car manufactures. With a lot of hard work. We found a small supply for some of the common parts for smart cars. We are glad to say we have a small quantity of the following parts: -450 cdi clutch -450 cdi clutch actuator -451 fuel pump -450-, 451, and 453 winter tires While supply last.
  13. We were able to get our hands on a small batch of winter tires for 450. Get them while supply last. This year is worst then any previous years for tire supply. Don't expect to have choices of make and models.
  14. Often people comes from afar for us to work on their cars. But this couple have a real interesting story. Have you imagine travelling around the world in a smart car? They had travelled upwards of 20,000 miles in 59 days throughout EurAsia. Check out their YouTube channel.
  15. We like to apologize for the inconvenience it may cause for the situation we have in our area. If you haven't ready the news and weather forecast. We have very limited supplies in and out of the Greater Vancouver area. Unless you are willing to pay for the extra cost of flying it out of the city, Otherwise all ground transport has been halt since the first event took place 2 weeks ago, FedEx and Canada Post told us their warehouses are full and will not be picking up until further notice. In some cases, we have flown in the goods for local use.