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  1. Your welcome.
  2. That's just a coincidence and should be a combination of this: What are the red LEDs at the battery and power indicator about? and this: Why did my smart only charge to about 90 %?
  3. Hmm... true. But on the other hand, it's not that much. At least here in Germany the MB dealer asks 30-40 € for that check. Making such a battery tool yourself could also be an option, but that's still 3-4x more expensive.
  4. That's to be expected. But still doesn't say anything. You can have a new battery showing less range and a bad battery showing more range. Without the soh or at least driving it your own from 100 % to 10 % or so you don't have any idea. I'd prefer a soh highly over driving it myself.
  5. smart EV from 2017 or newer? I'd replace the 12 V battery.
  6. Ahh right. I'd guess that you don't need a workshop for that.
  7. I'm German, so I'm not a native speaker. So forgive me the question: What's a control arms?
  8. If I recall correctly, it depends a bit on the dealer you're at. So I would ask different dealers.
  9. Yes. You could also get a wallbox.. the wall plug cables aren't designed to be a long term solution.
  10. Newer ons got one. The wire from the temperature sensor of the wall plug But the old one of the smart 451 does not. Perfect, that's how it should be.
  11. How and what do you mean by "they don't like to pay any ev cars that the HV battery is opened"?
  12. That's the easiest way to fix it. You can also use such an opportunity, to upgrade the plug. Get one which is rated for more amps.
  13. What's the history on the car? Helps us guessing what might be wrong and how you could identify and later fix it.
  14. No, I don't think replacing the sensor caused the problem.
  15. At least I haven't shipped any for the new smart overseas. Only the one for the old smart (2012 - 2016). So I doubt there is already anybody with one in Canada / USA.