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  1. We also had the older technology FleetCarma monitoring device on our smart ED. It worked well. Our i3 also had technology issues. So we received the "your specific vehicle is not supported by C2 technology" message. I suspect that C2 technology is the new compact dongle that FleetCarma is using. Our issues were resolved two days ago. So I suspect that you can expect a favourable response shortly.
  2. Catalytic converter broke loose on our 05 a few years ago. Sound drove me crazy. Dealership said they wouldn't cover it under warranty. So cut into muffler and removed the white ceramic honeycomb cat. Welded muffer back together with great difficulty. Two think layers of stainless steel are not easily welded by MIG. Got a cheap used muffler a couple of years later and replaced it. Hard starting likely due to dead or dying glow plugs. Easy to check and replace. Search on this forum for more info. Not expensive to buy.
  3. I have used a big metal hammer and whacked the cast iron drum many times to free it. Never broke the drum. Those drum are tough!
  4. Yes. $1000 is for the 5th seat. So smart ED is 3 seats short. My guess is that instead of getting $8,500 for smart you can now get $10,000. $3,000 for extra large battery will likely not apply to current smart battery. This may encourage MB to install a larger battery. Up to $1000 towards installation of L2 charger is still available.
  5. Here is a very good article on efficient refrigerators.
  6. They are generally quite inefficient in comparison to electric compressor types. It depends on what you mean by efficient. Compressor models are far more effective at cooling compared to the weaker cooling system in an absorption refrigerator. However where the cost of the energy source comparison is between natural gas (or propane) used in the absorption system and electricity used in the compressor systems, the absorption refrigerator can be cheaper to operate.
  7. When you say they run on propane do you mean they burn propane as a fuel? RV refrigerators use electricity or propane as a fuel to heat the refrigerant. Sounds counterintuitive to use heat to cool. But that is how these ammonia based systems work.
  8. RV refrigerant is ammonia. Ammonia is flammable. We were recently in the Dominican Republic. Bar fridge used ammonia because it is far more energy efficient than compressor using freon. Electricity shortages are common in the DR.
  9. Redtek and Duracool do not use propane. Urban myth.
  10. Good idea. I have had to repair mine twice due to punch through over 179,000 km. Cost me about 50 cents each time. Hardest part was finding the correct size of nut to use. Goldilocks nuts are not as common as you might think.
  11. Check out:
  12. I'm impressed! You are one guy the stealerships will never screw over.I tried to mig weld the bottom seam of the muffler with limited success. Muffler is made of two thin sheets of SS so very difficult to weld. I've considered buying a tig welder given that the prices have come down so much. However I am concerned that it is too hard to learn how to tig weld. Your advice would be appreciated. Is the oil you bought fully synthetic? We have 179,000 on our 05. Many repairs done on it by myself. 0 at the dealership.
  13. I have test driven many vehicles over the past few years. I was very impressed with the Honda Civic. If you need more space the Fit is a good choice. If you need even bigger the HR-V and CR-V are good choices. Can't beat their reliability. Our CR-V has averaged 40 mpg on our 8,000 km trips!
  14. My wife and I drove one for 350 km yesterday. We liked the following: Steering wheel controls Crazy clear dash readout (oled or colour e-ink?) Dash material and interior plastic Power and acceleration Handling Visibility Storage compartments and cup holders Seats Interior room in front and back Sound system Solid clunk when closing doors (me) Unbelievable turning radius Dislikes: Car shudders in stop and go traffic below 20 km/hr Steering wheel is not adjustable Fuel economy (after diesel and electric smarts) Premium gas Small gas tank Heater control No heated seats on Passion Heavy doors (wife)
  15. We have a L2 EVSE connected to a 240 volt 7 day digital timer. Got it at Home Depot. It is very similar to this one: I have it set to go on at 1:00 am to use off peak power. Inexpensive solution that works with any EVSE with reclosure feature (ie restarts after power interruption).