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  1. I see a couple votes for the Rotella. I used Rotelle T4 in my motorcycles and it seemed the only reasonably priced oil that my bike liked. Amsoil which is a good product didn’t seem to work well in my motorcycles so a buddy of mine that used Rotella religiously in his wing turned me onto it and it’s all I used after that for many years.
  2. Thanks Nigel. I know it wasn’t hard to do just forgot what the ritual is lol
  3. Awesome thanks guys. I did see how it meets MB Specs. Gona do another oil change today.
  4. Forgot how I did it last time. 2012 Pure 451
  5. Not looking to open a can of worms here just curious what oil some of you fellas are using. I know it’s personal preference. First oil change I used is Mobil European formula full synthetic 0w40 . Seems to work well with no oil consumption.
  6. Thanks guys. I just checked my records and it has in fact been 1 year since the last oil change and I’ve only put just over 5000 Kim’s on it. We don’t drive it thru the winter so the miles don’t pile up.
  7. Thanks jwight, I guess maybe I didn’t reset it properly because I changed it about 5 km ago with synthetic. My understanding is you should be able to go 10,000 km between oil change and reset . Maybe it didn’t reset to 0
  8. I have a 2012 451. On start up the car shows one wrench and a -6 on the display where the odometer reading normally shows and then goes away when the odometer reading comes up. No funny noises or anything else. The only recent thing that has been done is I had the air conditioning inspected and topped up. Other than that all other maintenance is up to date. Any ideas on what this may be
  9. I’d sure enjoy that myself. Glad you had that opportunity. Car looks great.
  10. Thanks for the reply Sydney, I personally can’t see why there’d be an issue.. As long as I don’t turn on the key as you said, which makes perfect sense.
  11. Planning on removing and lubricating the clutch actuator of my 2012 Smart for Two Pure. 451. From the videos I’ve watched it seems like a simple enough job to do. My only question is, in all the videos the battery gets disconnected. Is it really necessary to disconnect the battery. I personally don’t think so but if it is necessary I will do so. Is there some sort of code that can come up in the computer that will get messed up or something. I have no issues with mechanical tasks or body repair work but don’t like messing with electrical issues if I don’t have to.
  12. Thanks
  13. Oh I understand that, I’ve put them on all my vehicles and motorcycles that I put away for the winter. I’m just not familiar with the Smart, just wanted to make sure I don’t go causing a problem that can cause me a bunch of money at a later date.
  14. Thanks Willy’s, I don’t plan on driving it during the winter, it’ll sit in a heated garage where I’ll likely mess around with it getting to know all bout how to fix what needs fixing, maintaining it and I guess personalizing it. I’ve been going through google and finding out how to do all the maintenance and I’m finding it seems fairly easy to fix most stuff on it, I’m quite mechanically inclined and always do my own work on all my vehicles. I’ve already changed the gear oil, installed all new filters, gona change the oil next week and put new plugs in. I’m thinking of removing and lubricating the shift control module also. That should do it for now unless you have some recommendations that I should consider.
  15. I’m a firm believer in battery maintenance, I know I may be a bit early but come winter I don’t plan on driving my 2012 Smart for Two Pure. I guess what I’d like to know if some of you have installed a Battery Tender on your Smart cars and does it affect any of the electrical systems on these or cause any electrical issues?