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  1. My car is also CDI. I got this car from FL, the car is from Canada. I brought her to CA and went to DMV,,, actually, there was no problem registering. I needed to do a smog check, and also passed the smog with no problem? You must got a super good mpg!
  2. Of course! This is when I got her from Florida and drive back to CA. Now, I have a CA plate. Now, The rear fender damaged, but I found a part, will be replaced soon! as well as the alternator.
  3. Hello, Is there any good place to get the alternator replaced? I live in the Los Angeles area, I know smart madness, but I want to know if there is any other place to get serviced, (450 Fortwo CDI) Thank you!
  4. Hello, new member here, nice to meet you. I have 2005 CDI Cabrio registered in CA. Barely ride it but, I love this car.
  5. Hello, I am looking for the rear driver's side fender, silver color, or any other color is fine. My location is Los Angeles, and this part number is 0005588V002 I could find some used ones in European online markets, but they don't want to ship to the USA. Thank you. 2005 450 Smart Fortwo Cabrio