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  1. Hi John, before I did anything about inserting a starter motor, I considered placing a spare battery in the boot (trunk) to produce a completely separate system to power it; but while reading about Smart electrics somewhere else, sorry I've forgotten where, I decided it wouldn't be a good idea but OK to wire the starter to the existing battery in the footwell so long as it wasn't connected into the existing ignition/starter system; so that's what I did. By chance I found an article on the Smart America site where a Canadian guy posted an account of replacing the starter motor on his car complete with illustrations. From here I got the motor number clearly shown on one of the pictures. I obtained a motor with said number and before I fitted it I checked it turned in the correct direction using my spare battery. Having fitted the motor I wired it to the battery in the footwell as previously described. I fed the wiring to the rear of the car via the space above the undertrays. I suspect, but cannot prove, that, by connecting a separate battery to the car via the earthing of the engine and gearbox the fiendishly complex Smart electrical system was excited and may have caused the actuator activation. Hope some of this helps. Good luck, Pete.
  2. Hi John, I've been trying to reverse check your motor no. but couldn't find anything. There is a post on this site saying beware some motors run in reverse compared to the mhd engines. Did your engine start. Daft question, but did you check the direction of rotation. The only thing I can think of is that if the engine was turning the wrong way strange things would happen to the electrics via the alternator. Clutching at straws I fear. Would be very interested in the solution if you do get it sorted. Good luck, Pete.
  3. Sorry about the half post, arthritic pinkie touched the screen. As I was about to say; not trying to insult you but is there a stray live wire from the starter switch interfering with the actuator wiring. On my setup I led a heavy duty cable direct from the battery+ terminal to the starter terminal and a light duty cable from the battery+ terminal through a switch to the starter solenoid thus keeping the new starting circuit completely separate as in earlier simple cars. I didn't try to turn the starter using the ignition key circuitry because I simply don't know how and I have a predisposition towards simplicity. In any case mucking about with the official wiring might lead to all sorts of problems. So far my car hasn't caught fire, LOL. Cheers Pete.
  4. Hi, part no. is A1321510001. I intrigued about actuator and can't think of a reason for such behaviour. Not tryi
  5. Further to my earlier beef about stop/start, I have now fitted a starter motor, above the clutch actuator, fitted associated wiring and a starter button independant of the original system. Also eased off the drive belt tension so its not putting a huge load on the alternator fixings. Works ok and of course I continue to switch the Eco off. Must work out how switch it off permanently sometime, but it's not high on my list.
  6. Too right. If it's not broke, don't fix it. I'm a new owner and discovered the hard way about 'stop start' and Eco mode. The traffic in London UK is constant stop/start, tedious hearing the engine constantly restarting, never mind belt wear. So I just switch Eco off as part of initial startup. I can afford the miniscule amount of fuel it saves.