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  1. No worries. I finished all that then remembered that after mine, I would have looked at all that writing and said F**k it. LOL Perhaps Mrs. Bud can look into it for you? Are you kidding me Gent??? I looked at all of that writing and said the same thing. LOL Mrs Bud A.K.A. Blonde Star
  2. These pics are great. I had a good chuckle when I saw that we had Bud's newest friends Salt & Pepper included. Too funny. People, you just had to be there. Don't miss out on the next one. Marie
  3. Looking forward to those pics. I just wanted to personally thank-you for the time you put into making this tour a success. It was great and I look forward to having another opportunity to participate in another some day. Marie
  4. No objections here. I'd love to see it. Marie
  5. My most sincere sorries for those of you that were not able to make the trip. It was absolutely wonderful. I have to admit that I was a little gun shy at first but hey...I got over it real quick. I am so thrilled to have met so many terrific people. Bud and I had such a great time. For those of you that were there, thanks for the good time. I look forward to our next meet and hope there will be others present that were not able to attend this one. Now Peep, give the Mrs. a little more notice next time. I just gotta meet this furry little creature. LOL. By the way Peep, there was a swimming pool. So in case there is one on the next trip, you better bring a good brush. I think you'll be needing it Marie
  6. OMG You guys are hilarious. None of you had better be betting . You'll definetly have lost your $10.00. Bud and I loved our trip. He is doing pretty darn good for what he's been through. This is one tough guy. He so loved being able to be a part of the smart tour and yes, he was getting tired but hung in there and maintained his sense of humour. More appointments will follow in the next few days and weeks to come to get him back in shape. I'm sure he and his chiropractor will be seeing a lot of each other.
  7. YEAH!!! Sir will do....... or master if you wish........ So.... Why you gangin' up with her??? Suck it up Bud!!!! Master?????? In your world maybe. Good luck with that one. Quite apparently that brain injury is affecting you more than I thought. Sorry everyone. He's not quite all back yet.
  8. O.K. Spinner, How's the avatar now? Now on to Bud. He's doing very well. His leg is feeling much like his own again, but now that he has the feeling back in it, he is feeling the pain in his knee. Xrays were taken, so we'll see what they have to say. OMG Sorry guys. Remember I'm still new at this. I forgot I had to check the Log In. My most humble apologies.
  9. Fooom! The sound of my humour going over everyone's heads. Your avatar and nick alludes to the "OnStar" function of GM vehicles. Yes. We absolutely know that. The guys are just having some fun. So now to Bud and his humour...He's doing well according to the Dr. and is well on his way to his usual self. He'll be back to full speed on the discussion threads very soon.
  10. OH! It's Sir Bud now is it? I think we need to get that whip out again! What the heck was I thinking?????? I'll never do that again. We are on our way for Bud's appointment. He appears to be doing good so we'll wait and see wha the Doc has to say.
  11. Hi Chicklet. As you can see by my posts, I'm new too. My husband I are currently awaiting the arrival of what will either be Stag 2 or Starr. Have fun posting. There are a lot of wonderful people out there.
  12. Great to see you on here. And that's a wonderful new avatar. By the way, I am very impressed with how quickly you have adapted to the usage of the "Smileys". Namely, the domination one. :-) very appropriate. By the way, will you be getting a smart car anytime soon? Thanks and yes, the smiley's have been fun. First things first. We are concentrating on Bud getting a new Smart car. Once Sir Budley has completely decided what he wants, we'll celebrate the new arrival and see from there.
  13. First off, Bud the sleeping beauty is still at rest. He had a pretty good evening reporting that the feeling in his leg is slowing coming back. Yeeha!!!!!! Today is our first official visit with the Dr. since he's home from the hospital and I'll be tagging along to be sure he's on the right track to recovery. He'll be making me sleep in the garage soon. Now Spinner, as far as the Avatar, this is the great work between Bud and Sean. I just like it because they created it. Bud with his Blonde Star idea and Sean with the rest.
  14. Ah ha! So there is truth to the rumor that you will be going with the Ruby Red for your next car - STAR! I'm sure "Mrs. Bud" will enjoy riding a star better than a stag! Congrats, Blonde Star! You'll have to do some posting to catch up with a guy named Bud Colby though. I heard he's a real chatter box! (Hope you changed your password Bud - somebody could get you into trouble!) What was the topic of this thread?? Oh ya, Get well, Bud! Hi Everyone, Bud is doing so much better today. I've had to threaten him a couple times, but that's part of the healing process too. I'm working on healing his brain the most. It has to understand that in his forgotten memory that Mrs Bud is the H.O.H. So now that I have my own space, Blonde Star it is, and my son Sean was the creator of my Avatar. I am sooooo..... impressed. By the way, he is also his Dad's main sitter keeping him in line while I am away at work. He's doing an awesome job getting his Dad back in shape. If Bud really decides on the Ruby Red, Her name will have to be "STARR". As far as catching up....Yikes!!!!!! I have to get to the computer first. I just want to have fun and continue to get to know you all. Thanks again for all of your comments and support to Bud. Mrs. Bud For here and ever after known as "Blonde Star" So goodbye Mrs. Bud
  15. O.K. You are guys are right. Bud is obviously doing better and sat in front of the computer and gave me a new identity. He's obviously getting back to naormal with this "Smart ****" name he's chosen. So, here ya go and if there is anyone out there that can help me with an avatar(hope I spelled that right), let me know. I'm open to suggestions. And yes, I think I must sometimes wear the pants in the family. Mrs Bud.