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  1. We tested the battery and it is good. Could it be the computer gone rogue?
  2. Hey Jerzy There is no little box on the address bar for Club Smart Car. I know the box you mean, use it all the time. But it's not there. .??
  3. It is original, it is a 2010. Only used 6 months a year, battery disconnected over winter storage.
  4. No.when I go to my garage to use my Smart, then I find the radio on and battery dead.
  5. Hi Huronlad In winter it sits unused for six months, but we disconnect the battery In normal use in summer, it might sit for two or three days without use. It just started this last summer. Normally on all cars the radio goes off with the ignition. Now I have to turn it off first, then turn the key off.
  6. how do I put the Smart Car forum on my iPad home screen as an icon?
  7. my radio often comes on while ignition is off and runs the battery flat. I turn it off manually now before switching off. Works sometimes. What can I do to stop this? Thanks Doris
  8. Orlov: 2009 Passion, bought Apr.2010 (new) , 3000 km. Of course she sits idle for 6 months of the winter.
  9. Thanks Bil and Gord. These pics give me great ideas. The one that goes over the top of the seats looks like with a mod across the opening that it would work well. Dont need the sides, this dog is far too big to get through those spaces. I also liked the mesh Bil. Cant see just how you fastened it though. The one with a crate in there would take a small one, but my crate is 42x33x31 , and barely goes into the Rav 4. Finding places to attach to is not easy. The one I made, would work I think but I had no place to attach the rope I tried to tie it on with, except on the top of the seat belt where it attaches to the outside of the seats, and it didnt work very well. But now I do have more to think about at least. I might get someone to make me one using the one that fits over the top of the seats, with the mod I mentioned. We will be leaving the end of the month for our winter in Az, and this year, Cutie will have to stay home. We have no truck (nor horse trailer ) anymore, the Rav 4 has no towing equipment and Cutie has none either. But when we come back in Apr. I do want to be able to take the dog in the rear. Thanks again. doris
  10. Hi y'all : I have a new Doberman dog. I cant have her sitting in the passenger seat as although she loves it and is vy good, her legs are so long that when she lies down her legs are over the centre key and gear shift area. She turns the key off and puts the gearshift somewhere else. Not on purpose, but her feet have to go somewhere ! Was vy exciting the first time, as I had no idea why the car wasnt responding to the gas, and had a long line up behind me by then. A unique situation I suppose. Anyways, I tried tying on various pieces of mesh to close the gap between the seats to prevent her getting through from the back with little luck, it just fell off. Does anyone know of a piece of equipment that would work? The normal one for other breeds of cars wont work on Cutie, as the dog does need the wider room at the bottom level of the rear compartment. The biggest challenge is trying to find where to attach or tie on the piece. ??? Input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Doris
  11. Thanks everyone. I will try that and it does sound like whats happening. I just didnt understand that it was supposed to happen like that. Will try today. Yesterday I drove to Summerland and home and left it in automatic (Drive) and it never missed a change at all. As I said =-spotty. Thanks very much, doris
  12. Thanks Quirky, but I dont want to activate manual shifting - I want it to automatically change gears upwards when it is in D - drive . I dont understand why the paddles which are for manual use, should work when the transmission is in Drive position.And as I said, it is spotty, sometimes it works fine as it should, but very often it wont change automatically. Perhaps I am not explaining it right. I am going to phone M.B. and see if I can get to talk to a mechanic - its not likely they'll let me do that, but worth a try. It is just so far to go all the way up to Kelowna on specThanks to both of you who replied . doris
  13. Hi y'all. Have any of you with the 451 had a strange effect with the automatic transmission? Mine often , but not always, when in Drive, wont change gears upwards. Just roars and the RPM soars. But..... I can change the gear upwards with the paddle. Even tho it is in Drive. Cant find anything to assist with this phenomena in the Manual (of course) . I dont think this should happen. When in D for Drive, it should be completely automatic, shouldnt it? And the paddles shouldnt work? Very baffling. Hope one of you has the answer. Thanks, Doris
  14. I always heard that power washing was very hard on the paint .?? doris