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  1. No need. It does not need changing as it does everything I need. I no longer have a 450, just a few 451s I rarely use Star for anything and was thinking of binning it because it really is like virus that invades the computer and takes it over. Very difficult to use the computer for anything else once you put Star on it. I only have a C3 MUX and I doubt that updated versions of Star will work with the C3.
  2. It may work without. If you ahve it then install it. If it doesn't work then just leave it until you are presented with the opportunity to have it enabled somewhere. Possibly there will be a meet not so far away from you where someone will help. https://www.fq101.co.uk/how-to-guides/fortwo-450/interior/167-installing-fortwo-pods?highlight=WyJyZXYiLCJjb3VudGVyIiwicmV2IGNvdW50ZXIiXQ==
  3. Not on mine it aint. Hopefully I will never have to install Star again, it took me an age to get it to work the first two times I did it. I suppose in the 10??? years since I made mine things have changed somewhat.
  4. Hmm. I thought I used a tan code on mine but I am an old git and it is a lot of years ago.
  5. You need a tan calculator and Mercedes Star to enter the number as Willys said above. I do think that other diagnostic software may be able to enable it but I have no idea which ones but you still need the tan calulator to get the number that needs entering. The tan code calculator is on the net if you search hard enough so don't pay for it.
  6. I can do an image of 2017 if you have a DVD / CD writer if you want to try that.
  7. Just so you know. I bought an old Panasonic CF29, put XP on it and use Delphi 2017 on it with no problems at all. I doubt that there is a virus in yours but personally it would not bother me if there was as it can't do any harm on a non-networked computer that does nothing else anyway.
  8. What version of delphi did it come with? There should be both 32 and 64 if I remember right. I don't run any anti virus software so I would not get a warning. I only use the computer for Star and Delphi but I am thinking of binning hte Star system, it is way too clunky to be useful and Delphi does it all anyway. Why does a virus matter even if there is one? Shirley you would not contemplate doing anything else with your diagnostic computer and it would not be connected to the Internet anyway.
  9. Using the starter reduces the power that is available for the electronics. If it starts easily with a bump start then I would be looking for dodgy earths or voltage drops where they should not be.
  10. Have you tried bump starting it?
  11. Measure your cranking revs, your starter may be lazy. Do not use any of the easystart offerings or you could end up with an engine that never starts again.
  12. Is the EGR the same on a 45 451 as it is on the 450 or is it the same as the 54 451? I cannot remember. You need to check the plug on the MAF left of the engine bay. That is where the IAT is measured along with MAF. If it is the same as the 54 451: The IAT is the top wire on the plug, nearest the engine cover. The MAF is the lowest wire on the plug. The other connections are ground and 12 volt. Check the plug on the EGR solenoid. Centre of engine compartment towards the front of the car. That is an active low signal so with the engine running but cold one lead should measure 12 volts and the other lead should vary with time, probably average 3 to 5 volts. It does depend what you measure it with as to what you will see on the signal line. When you are fed up of trying to fix it build the small circuit to disable the EGR and fit that.
  13. Delphi and a laptop. If you have the laptop then it is about $40. This is like the last one I bought: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005003266289923.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.6c463e96VFaIrp&algo_pvid=67857942-907b-410f-ada9-4fb7de71169d&algo_exp_id=67857942-907b-410f-ada9-4fb7de71169d-0&pdp_ext_f={"sku_id"%3A"12000024933995405"}&pdp_npi=1%40dis|GBP||34.52|||||%402100bdca16513475226248430e2507|12000024933995405|sea
  14. Limp mode usually erases itself if you turn the car off and on again unless you have a serious fault.
  15. "Low rail pressure" is unlikely to be anything to do with the tank or low pressure pump. Rail pressure is the pressure in the rail that the injectors connect to and is after the high pressure pump. You can get low rail pressure from a problem on the low pressure side if not enough fuel can get to the rail but by far the more common problems in that area are related to the high pressure side of the system. High pressure pump, injectors, blocked filters, faulty pressure relief valve or faulty sensors. If you have changed the filters and checked the low pressure side is pumping plenty then I would be looking at the high pressure side. Given your initial fault description I would not thik your problem is fuel related. Does it start again straight away once stalled? I reckon your clutch actuator needs cleaning. That's a first guess based on your description. If you serch about on the forum and elsewhere you will find lots of descriptions of how a failing actuator behaves, see how it fits with what you are seeing.