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  1. It should not fall off. It locks shut when the doors are locked. Is your lock not working?
  2. That is exactly what I would have done. Loosen them then run the engine. I did not suggest it because it can do a lot of damage if you are not careful but it seems he knew what he was doing so problem solved. Do not forget to absolutely cover them in copper grease and new washers before you replace them.
  3. What are you reading the fault codes with?
  4. Not applicable on the 451, they fixed it. As one would expect they did introduce a new fault with similar symptoms with the actual gear change motors though.
  5. It is rarely necessary to test for a spark because the diagnostics will tell you if it is not working correctly.
  6. Automatic transmission fluid. The red oil you put in auto gearboxes. 50% ATF and 50% acetone is the best penetrating oil you can use. You will struggle with the shelf life where you live, acetone does not store well and will evaporate from sealed plastic bottles so needs to be kept in glass.
  7. and before oyu put them back put a pile of copper grease all over the bit that sits inside. (not the nozzle end)
  8. I would not take it to anyone. They will break the injectors. Persevere, soak it pull it, bash it about a bit then soak it again and so on. It may take a week but no one will put the effort you need to put in to achieve success. They will try, break it, charge you for the privilege then try to charge you a fortune for fixing it.
  9. Have to agree. Even though the site does have a large number of colonials it is better than the Yanker one.
  10. The first thing to try is to disconnect the battery for an hour or two then try again.
  11. As a rule of thumb the middle of the longest run should be able to be pushed sideways about half an inch. I usually do it by rotating it in the middle of the longest run. If you can rotate it about 1/4 of a turn then it is good enough. It is way better slack than tight. If ti is slack it will wear out the belt and squeal, if it is tight it will bugger up your bearings.
  12. Never having washed mine in the eight years of ownership it is probably time I thought about it. The mirror spiders are getting a bit much, every morning it's like a pair of parachutes on the windows, takes 10 MPH off the top speed.
  13. If you want to investigate yourself and have a laptop then go and spend £40 on a Delphi DS-150 from Aliexpress or similar. That will allow you to read all the fault codes of each of the computers and do some actuations. It is not as good as Mercedes Star diagnostics but it is less than a tenth of the price.
  14. Or backwards. I find it most annoying that they are very difficult to creep. You do get used to it though eventually. By that I mean you soon learn that you cannot move half an inch reliable with safety.
  15. Not possible. It should have an automatic brake when stopped on the footbrake to allow you to hill start without difficulty. No cars with automated manual gearboxes will creep, only cars with oil drive like proper automatics. If you did have creep it would wear out the clutch very quickly.