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  1. Put copper grease on it when you put it back.
  2. I don't remember doing any of that on mine. I just stuck it on a ramp and got underneath with tin snips and a dremel.
  3. As far as I know both are correct on the petrol models. Only the diesel has a turbo and a Mercedes engine. fq101 is a good site for info about the 451.
  4. Not worth the effort or cost. You would have to replace basically all of the electronic modules of the car I think. Just leave it until you have the opportunity to meet someone with a Star system, it takes about two minutes.
  5. I have experience of both the turbos and the clutch actuators. The turbos are fantastic value and I have fitted maybe ten, two on Smarts. They never failed yet in the five years or so since I fitted the first. The clutch actuators are crap, you will be lucky to get one that Star can even teach when new and even if you manage that they do not last long. A used Sachs is much preferred. With a strip down, a good clean and a grease you can expect it to work longer than new. Do make sure it is working before you buy. If the motor spindle is broken then you are in a world of pain. Do read the tutorials and be careful. Once in bits they can easily remove a finger. I get a lot of stuff from China having worked there and having friends there and some of the stuff is actually from the same factory as original items, made on the same production line but leaving by a different exit. The obverse beign that some of the stuff is complete crap so make your choice, take the risk, or not, no knowing until it happens.
  6. I put steels on my 451 five years ago. More MPG, better ride quality and better handling from the steels. I have a dilemma right now. I have two set of alloys with good tyres and my steels need tyres. I keep meaning to put a set of alloys on but I know that after a week I will go and buy new tyres for the steels and stick the alloys at the back of the garage.
  7. I 3D printed a restrictor for my water system to limit water flow five years ago and it is still in there functioning exactly as it should. They are truly handy things to have. Not at the top of the list, lathe and mill are up there but I reckon it comes in third if you are not counting hand tools.
  8. Are you just measuring 12.3 volts with a voltmeter between the negative terminal and the frame of the car with the negative terminal disconnected and assuming it should not be there? That is not a short it is normal. The proof of a short is the mother of all sparks when you try to put the negative wire on the battery but putting a bulb in there is a better way to test.
  9. I hope you put copper grease on it before putting it in because if you did not then that two minute job can turn into a nightmare with head off and drill to get the old one out.
  10. At best, a broken rear glass at worst.
  11. Nah, the design is where the magic is, not the manufacturing. On a slightly related topic Renault are the only manufacturer in the world that can take the raw materials and make a car from them, all the others rely on other manufacturers. They even have their own vineyards, maybe that is why their cars are so goddam awful to work on.
  12. It works on mine (451 CDI) but I do not know if it does the 450 CDI, they are like rocking horse droppings over here.
  13. I assume that you assume that he gave the wife the 451 and kept the Renault for himself? Shirley no one could think that a Renault was better than a Mercedes.
  14. You already said that: Glad this memory thing is not just me.
  15. Stick a headlamp bulb between battery -ve and chassis. Start removing fuses and when the bulb goes out you have found it.
  16. On a 451 there is no need to stop, just off the key and on again while driving. You should lubricate it with graphite powder if you want it to stay working. I used this on my 450 and 451 and never had them seize again: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/384525589945
  17. Hmm, not like any geological formation I have seen on Earth. Clearly Smarts on Mars.
  18. Poor guy is gonna wish he never asked.
  19. If we are guessing my money would be on the transmission loom <> intercooler scoop relationship getting too intimate.
  20. I think you should ask here: https://www.digital-kaos.co.uk/forums/vaispy.php Lots of abilities there regarding keys and security. I reckon both yours will be 451s and they are completely different in respect of the keys from the 450s. That is assuming the dates 2008 and 2014 do refer to 451s in Canada
  21. Put some water along the seal at the bottom and see if it comes out when you shut the door. If it does then you need to remove the windscreen and fit it properly. Presumably it does not do this if either of the windows or other doors are open.
  22. EEK!!!!!!!!!! Do you mean the windscreen is not fastened to the car?
  23. If you have no method reading the fault codes or real time data then it is worth buying a bluetooth dongle from ebay and using Torque. It is no Star system but is getting to be pretty reliable even with Smarts. Shouldn't cost more than a tenner.
  24. No need. It does not need changing as it does everything I need. I no longer have a 450, just a few 451s I rarely use Star for anything and was thinking of binning it because it really is like virus that invades the computer and takes it over. Very difficult to use the computer for anything else once you put Star on it. I only have a C3 MUX and I doubt that updated versions of Star will work with the C3.
  25. It may work without. If you ahve it then install it. If it doesn't work then just leave it until you are presented with the opportunity to have it enabled somewhere. Possibly there will be a meet not so far away from you where someone will help. https://www.fq101.co.uk/how-to-guides/fortwo-450/interior/167-installing-fortwo-pods?highlight=WyJyZXYiLCJjb3VudGVyIiwicmV2IGNvdW50ZXIiXQ==