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  1. I am a retired diesel mech 35 years experience I have tried all kinds of diesel additives and Kleen diesel along with over 90% of them are junk fuel additives. I'm all about stopping problems before they get started and increasing the service life of my vehicles.
  2. I patched over from the Ram Ecodiesel forum because I went Smart, you know the old saying once you go smart you will never go back especially since gas is supposed to hit $1.85 per litre in the spring. The Rams are a lot more complex but one thing I learned about is the Hotshot Secret engine and fuel additives. I don't work for them but have used their products, they work as they say maybe better than they say. Hotshot Secret diesel extreme is very useful for cleaning the fuel system and injectors as well as sensors in the exhaust stream I would go that route before taking injectors apart for sure. Also Hot Shot Secret Every Day fuel treatment raises the diesel fuel Cetane rating noticeably and adds significant lubricity to the fuel. With my Ram that ran flawlessly. When I used Hotshot secret Every Day Diesel treatment it raised the Cetane rating, to me similar to slight timing advance. My engine ran so smooth if I was at a noisy intersection at a stop light I couldn't tell without looking at the RPM gauge if the engine may have stalled. Point is these are very good products you can buy from Amazon that can make your car run better and last a lot longer fuel injection wise. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvwZ0qbfrwE
  3. No CEL ? what about gaskets ?
  4. I will be pulling and cleaning my EGR to clean it can anybody tell me if you can simply block off the EGR with out installing an emulator ? Where would you get the heat resistant gaskets ? Thanks for any info.
  5. Yep, Plug in computer 5 min key teach in $120.00 that's why I would like to find somebody in Vancouver with a Star machine.
  6. Old Diesel mech here, I have tips for you, when you clean any ground spray it with Fluid Film and you will never need to go back. Fluid film does not conduct electricity will exclude moister likely as long as you own the vehicle and beyond. Fluid film is actually made from wool wax extracted from sheep wool piss it into your rear door key tumbler on battery terminals and spray liberally over any electrical connections and liberally piss it into door latch mechanisms they will never fk up.
  7. What Birds are you looking for ? Lots of tasty birds out there.
  8. Finally fought my way through stuff to get a membership at CsC. Lots of great info here ! especially for Canadians with 450 CDI's like mine. The Smarts are surprisingly nice vehicles to bad MB gave up just when their popularity was rising. Does anybody own a smart Star program in Vancouver BC ? I need a teach-in on my transmission.