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  1. The Wayside Inn sounds great. Add in Alberta and Cliff.01. Glenn & Liz02. John & Diane03. Alberta & Cliff
  2. I use a sunshade from Audi which seems to fit reasonably well in my 2006 450.
  3. Good day, Glad to hear that your problems have largely been solved. I am famiiar with your weather in St. John's having lived there from 1977 until 2005. When we moved to Ontario my first priority in housing was that it had to have a two car garage, and it is an extra wide garage, so plently of room. I don't drive DR MAP in the winter months, so have avoided moisture problems.
  4. I haven't had any of the sorts of problems with locking, unlocking of doors, transmission going to zero, etc. that are described by smart_bob and Bobby Clobber. After I had the dealer replace the dash light switch, and installing a LED in the dome light, nothing but sweet times.
  5. I bought four tire totes for the extra set of tires/wheels for my Audi A6 Allroad from the Mercedes-Benz dealer - really cool, but higher in price than the CT ones. I would imagine they would fit the smaller tires for the Smart. Cliff
  6. Hi gang, add Alberta and me to the list for the old VIc on 5 February. Cliff
  7. Alberta and I will see you there, but first we want to take a look at some of the heritage buildings, court house, etc. See you around 6:00PM. Cliff
  8. I store my Smart for the winter months in my sometimes heated garage. I remove the battery, leave the hand brake OFF, put blocks behind the rear wheels, open the windows a cm. or so, and put the cover over it. I have not had any problem with the brakes, and I don't bother to move it while in storage. So what the dealer is telling you is a bit suspect, in my opinion. However, I would suggest you leave the hand brake off while it is parked, but block the wheels with something so it doesn't roll. Cliff
  9. Sounds like you need to have a heart-to-heart discussion with your dealer. Cliff
  10. I have solved the problem. I don't drive it during the winter months. Cliff
  11. Hi, I had the same problem with my tailgate - slamming with both hands. Perhaps the slamming precipitated breaking the right hand hinge. The dealer replaced the tailgate hinge and it seems better, but still requiires two hands to close it properly, but with less force. Cliff
  12. Hi, I had the same problem with my 2006 Grandstyle. I removed the interior light bulb and the bulb in the dash light and then discoverd that the dash light was broken. I took it to the dealer who installed a new dash light switch which solved my problem. I also replaced the interior light bulb with an LED bulb to avoid excessive heat so the headliner wouldn't discolor. Cliff - DR MAP
  13. Hi, We (Albertaaw and I) purchased our Grandstyle cabrio (#61) in April 2006 and have been participating in local CSC activities since then. Having seen the Smart car first in Norway while living there for a few months in 2000 and then again in 2002, we were convinced that we "needed" such a car. We both retired from Memorial University in St. John's in 2005, moved to Ilderton, ON, bought a relatively new home with a two car garage just so we would have room for our Smart. We are in heaven because for 28 years our car was always parked on the street - i.e., no garage. We have cultivated many new friends due to joining the various local events. Glenn (Smart142) was our first contact that occurred at the Blue Water Duty Free store. We pulled in for a break and were totally surprised when another Smartie pulled in right beside us. Glenn provided information regarding joing the club and mentioned some of the forthcoming activities. The rest is history. Cliff (DR MAP)
  14. Add us to the list, too: DR MAP (Cliff and Alberta).
  15. As an original Boise boy who grew up in Lewiston, it does my heart good to see the Idaho Smarts. Perhaps when my wife and I are in Boise in 2008, we can get together for a little suds and talk Smart.