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  1. I like the colour coded lights. I think it's not a bad update... The new navigation and radio look cool, though I wonder what they have if you don't take the navi ???
  2. Not sure if these have been posted yet.... I did have a look for it.
  3. An absolute nightmare thoughts are with them all. Nothing anybody should ever have to be involved in.
  4. Jonny seems to love destroying smart cars... His Smart double decker was a classic.
  5. The car looks very... Mitsubishi to me. Not sure if you get the Mitsubishi Outlander there.... but that's the feel it gives me. Obviously a nicer build quality though.
  6. Thanks guys. This is a great club. People certainly aren't as nice on the Mercedes forums. Everyone there has a point to prove, I will always be here checking back. I still love Smart. I just can't keep all the cars I want to have at the same time (unfortunately)
  7. I think this may be the shortest relationship ever... however I have decided to sell my Smart. Not because it's a bad car.... my main issue is that I would like to do a bit more highway driving and even though my smart hits 155, it's still not enough to make good use of the German autohbahns. Plus other people don't really respect you when you're driving a smart around here....Anyway, I will be moving up to an oldie but a goodie. I bought a 2000 Mercedes CLK 55. It was my dream car when I was in school. If you know anyone in Switzerland who wants a smart Brabus let me know ;-)
  8. Thank you.
  9. Imagine what car you could buy with 60k euro.... I can't see how that car is ever worth that much.... plus I am sure they had one of these in the dealership in Zurich and it was 60k Swiss francs...... (still wayyyyyy too much)
  10. and a Toyota Yaris is a Lexus. LOL
  11. I also suffer from this. The worst is people who will almost crash into the car in front of them rather than let you merge onto the highway. Quite annoying. The way people you treat you in this car here has got me thinking about changing the car. You can only do so much to insure your safety on the road... but if other peoples stupid perceptions cause them to do things that endanger you then it's out of your control. I never have these issues in our other cars which people would perceive as faster or bigger.
  12. Kinda like driving a Beetle with a Porsche sticker... but anyway. Whatever makes them feel good.I saw a Fortwo in vegas with the same treatment.
  13. I don't think it was an unfair crash. It's quite likely that you would hit a medium sized car I guess.....
  14. Mine does this when I leave in the morning.... I always have to hit it a second time.
  15. Thanks for that... I might give it a go. In the meantime I have left the aircon running while I drive it.... it has gotten less and less.. but I might do the filter anyway.... once things get mouldy it can come back quick.