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  1. I can't post a video here. I need somewhere to post it so I can show you guys what it's doing. I need to get this thing fixed asap
  2. No codes at all
  3. Right when I turn the key on I can here something engaging. I assume that's the low pressure pump ??
  4. It ran good for 200km then all of a sudden started sputtering and died on the side of the highway.
  5. Good morning. Im new to the site, fairly new to the smart car life. I own a 2006 4two. Cdi. Diesel. It has a tune in it along with a straight pipe. It has ran great (+20000km since purchase) up until the other day. Its was smoking black really bad, more so then usual. I did my homework and figured out i could clean the egr and that worked. Ran great after that. Took it to town (about an hour away) and very clise to home on the way back it started sputtering and stalled on the side of the highway. It will start now, but just momentarily, then starts running very very rough and stalls with in 5 seconds (approximately) then lets a white cloud of smoke out. Oils good, coolant is good, under oil fill cap is black not milky. The sensor for the crank case pressure is good. (Blew hose out) dont know what the next step is. Rwally need this car on the road. Please help 🙏