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  1. Gods, I've been down with food poisoning this last week. So I haven't done much of anything... Still doing nasty. Seems that a bad strain is ripping though Vancouver...Thank you for continuing to help out Awesys.
  2. Speaky is female.And Speaks (Xandria's car) is male.Happy Birthday Rich!
  3. I agree. Steve upgrade the site WITH keeping the plug in data alive. That is no EASY task I can tell you. I think we can all agree that the most important task was to get the site back up and running asap. Due to the way datafiles are, you can't just convert the data AND leave the old board running. So Steve had to take down the board and work like a demon to get it up as soon as he could...What we should do is offer others to be able to make skins for the site.Steve? Is there an API or way to allow others to make skins?
  4. Great Job Steve! I'm amazed how well everything appears to have transfered! This site has MANY more possibilities for improvements!
  5. We are getting close... RC3 just came out that might do the job. I'll be starting my tests again here to see if I can pull over what we need and get it going.Please bear with me.Thanks.
  6. Compared to before it's faster, but still not as fast as I'd like...
  7. I'm aware that the database for the site is really slow. I've got a ticket into our ISP and it should be resolved soon.
  8. I'm going to give it a week to mature and then start my test install. Then after the tests are complete we will shut down the site for the weekend and move the live site over.Finally!!!
  9. Hello, We are very pleased to announce the availability of the phpBB3 RC1 package. This is the first release candidate which is meant to become the Gold release if no more bugs or problems arise. Of course there may be more than one release candidate. With this release we will give full support, allow uploading language packs as well as modifications and styles. Please note that during the first few weeks support questions may not be answered as fast as with the 2.0.x line. We also only give support to those having a clean RC1 installation, previous conversions or updates *will not be supported*. We encourage only those running the release candidate wanting to test out the new version, it is still recommended to wait for the full release; after all this is a release *candidate*. To re-iterate the support guidelines, we won't support the following installation types: - Updates from phpBB3 Beta versions to phpBB3 RC1 and higher - Conversions from phpBB 2.0.x to phpBB3 Beta versions - phpBB3 Beta installations We give support for the following installation types: - Updates from phpBB3 RC1 to any higher version (not relevant at the moment) - Conversions from phpBB 2.0.x to phpBB3 RC1 and higher - New installations of phpBB3 RC1 and higher For all those not needing support and want to take the risks... the database update file is present, though we were not able to provide a full update path due to the style and database changes. If you are running on mysql 4.0.3 or less you should completely re-install, because the complete schema changed for these versions. A short explanation of how to do a conversion is included within the provided INSTALL.html file, please be sure to read it. Conversions from 2.0.x to phpBB3 RC1 may be problematic, depending on your setup and the amount of MODs you installed. If you want to be on the safe side we suggest still waiting for later releases before you fully convert your 2.0.x installation. *Changes since Beta5* Bug statistics for the timeframe between the Beta5 release and now: Bug statistics for the beta releases up till now: *Minimum Requirements* phpBB3 has a few requirements which must be met before you are able to install and use it. - A webserver or web hosting account running on any major Operating System with support for PHP - A SQL database system, one of: - MySQL 3.23 or above (MySQLi supported) - PostgreSQL 7.3+ - SQLite 2.8.2+ - Firebird 2.0+ - MS SQL Server 2000 or above (directly or via ODBC) - Oracle - PHP 4.3.3+ (>=4.3.3, >4.4.x, >5.x.x, >6.0-dev (compatible)) with support for the database you intend to use. - getimagesize() function need to be enabled - These optional presence of the following modules within PHP will provide access to additional features, but they are not required. - zlib Compression support - Remote FTP support - XML support - Imagemagick support - GD Support The presence of each of these optional modules will be checked during the installation process. *Security* Security issues found should be reported to our security tracker in the ussual way, located at: *Available packages* With this release, there is one package available. - Full Package: Contains entire phpBB3 source and english language files. *Please ensure you read the INSTALL and README documents in docs/ before proceeding with installation, updates or conversions!* *Download/Documentation* phpBB Downloads: phpBB3 development section: phpBB3 Documentation: phpBB3 support forum: phpBB3 bug tracker: phpBB3 Coding Guidelines: phpBB3 Sourcecode Documentation: The original announcement is located at: Have fun with the release, the phpBB Teams.
  10. Ouch. Glad your ok.
  11. Sigh... Last two years were Sundays, were they not?Xan and I can't make it... This really bums me out.I rushed some new items for my car to make this event...But we have to work all day...
  12. Damn, I'll be at a wedding in Kelwona that weekend. Sister's Wedding...
  13. Wait a second? What day are we doing this on?I thought Eddy said the 1st and Gent is saying the 31st of March. What day is it? I'm booked at a tradeshow all day on the 31st!
  14. And Xandria!