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  1. Checked pump again, put piston into prepunched locations. starts quick and easy. left outside for colder temperature, started quickly. will test drive later. but looks promissing. Now need to fix a squeky belt. cold brings issues, what can i say
  2. Nono was too afraid to polish those heads, and they didnt look bad at all. But now i'm worried if when installing i didnt rotate to the correct place of those. I didnt scrape anything, just cleaned with some cleaner and rug very carefully. Also each piston removed and put back to the same place. Now i started again car and it runs good without any revs ups and downs. Didn't test drive it. I think will need to dissasembly again and check if i installed in correct prepunched possition these pistons... Hate all these hard reaching screws πŸ˜‚
  3. It started just now after high pressure filter orings change. Took a ride, after 300m engine shut off. Waited for minute, started again and slowly came back home. That idling seems gone away. Will wait for engine to cool down and then check again. Afraid to go further ride now πŸ˜ƒ. Maybe some air in the lines after change. Dont understand. Its quiet simple job nothing to destroy πŸ˜’.
  4. Hi, I just rebuild high pressure pump with bosh seals kit. Because it was leaking and verry rough running engine, shaking etc. Refited everything. Flushed just running low pressure pump with 4l diesel, then just on few starter runs. And fited all back. And now it's idling strangely. What could i missed or done wrong? Very strange. But it starts quiet fast now and not shaking as before. Maybe SAM needs to relearn? Or i just done something not good?
  5. Hi, who could tell me what size or part number is oem smart 450 cdi trnsmission oil drain plug? it failed so i will need to weld a nut on it but i want to preapre a new one befroe removing old one. thanks!
  6. Hi, i have a question what happened to kwp2000+ why it's so expensive now ? there are just a few in aliexpress and ebay left, and prices are 100+ ? maybe i'm missing something Thanks!
  7. Just engine heating still concerns me. 10km drive and only two bars. I know its a small engine but will need to replace thermostat to be 100% sure its because of small engine
  8. Will do that. But now car is much more responsive, from 0 acseleration is waaay smoother, no more ratling and shaking as before. Also on neutral its not shaking as before. Its not placebo. Its very noticible. Today started again without a problem with only one glow plug round -5Β°C. My "backpack" is alive its most fun car of all my cars its old funny but i love it
  9. Cleaned glowplug holes, disasembled, cleaned injectors just with carb cleaner, cleaned holes, changed copper washers. Today -4 started quickly! So far so good will see how it will hold thanks for the help!
  10. "do not try and wire brush them" nonono no more sticks to the holes πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  11. "IF you simply wish to try and blast carb cleaner through the injectors and hope it will do enough, why not...? Better than nothing I guess...? You will also be able to see the spray pattern and decide for yourself if it's worth going the next step." Thats exactly what i am thinking Will see, thanks!
  12. Thats why i uses old glow plug. Drilled smaller hole than stuck drillbit removed threads from that part. Dropped into the hole. In that case welder would touch just drill bit or that glow plug body. Few contacts, with welder ant some wigle and ir came out. Was so relieved :D. Made now proper tool like you showed, cleaned other holes. Now need to buy neew glow plug and assembly intake manifold and other parts back. but i think.i'm in the first place again where it wont start at cold temperatures. Maybe it's injectors. P.s. no more sticks to the holes!! 🀣🀣🀣🀣
  13. Destroyed one glow plug, but to be safe that wont touch sides. Took out bastard.