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  1. Thank you, just for knowledge, what are other classic symptoms of bad engine mounts?
  2. Yes is probably the most likely thing, even if I don't feel anything strange while changing Gear Engine mounts could still be bad, right? Also the central one or only the side ones?
  3. Hello all, This is probably an obscure problem but what could cause a "too harsh" stop of the Engine while turning car off? The Engine seems to be in very good condition with great mileage, great startup, feels balanced and smooth enough but is like when you shut the Engine it vibrates too much and the stop is a little too immediate like if there is too much friction if you know what I mean but I guess the real reason is not friction but excessive Engine vibration while shutting off, the Engine mounts should be good as I don't feel anything while changing gears, the only two non stock things I have is egr Block plate and ccv to atmosphere
  4. Cool didn't know that, another source of diesel in oil is long idling apparently it can go past the rings if one idles too much at too low rpm but who knows
  5. Yes there is less soot but i guess the computer could start the regen process anyway on working hour basis
  6. Yes but you get a feel if there is vacuum or pressure just by turning the oil cap and starting to raise it just slightly, the mess would be minimal or none, my guess is that even the Best cdi engine doesn't have idle vacuum but idk for sure
  7. If those have dpf it could be from regen cycles, i doubt that a 450 cdi without dpf would increase Engine oil with time
  8. Make sense but how can it explain the obvious strong vacuum that i feel when i open the Engine oil cap of my little 3 cyl Volkswagen up?
  9. If that can confuse you more I have a 3 cylinder vw up! naturally aspirated 1.0 Engine and if you remove the Cap while idling there is a lot of vacuum, kinda hard to pull off the Engine oil cap, on the cdi 0 vacuum but let me know if your cdi is the same in the following days
  10. Thanks for the info, very intresting, when you can check your cdi and report what it does, mine blows some air out when i remove the oil cap
  11. There are some engines where you can check piston rings condition by opening up the engine oil cap while idling, on some engines you will actually get a vacuum at idle and on those engines if you dont its a sign of excessive blow by. For the ones that are sure that your engine is good (also others to compare) could you tell the rest of us what you get from opening the oil cap at cold idle and also once you get to operating temperature? Just don't open it all the way too quick cause the timing chain can shoot some oil droplets Mine is always puffing some air, cold or hot, but my guess is that for this engine is normal
  12. Thanks for the messages guys, would have liked to have the info while driving but I think I will survive anyway
  13. Hi! I've done a quick search but haven't found an answer yet, can you have the oil pressure and/or temperature displayed by obd/app or if not has anybody installed a gauge to show this, my 450 cdi has the sam unit
  14. Guys, still, I agree that a dexron 3 is the safer bet and there should be Little to be gained but I'm proposing same viscosity manual transmission fluid... not engine oil, in my book that is a safe bet and potentially better, It was just for messing around and getting your opinions, btw off topic and stupid question but what is the rubber thing bolted on the upper left side of the exhaust? Vibration dumpener?
  15. Yes but regarding viscosity the mtfs I was talking about are identical to atf, that was my point