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  1. I bought a bike this spring (Trek Verve 3), and thought I did pretty good for a "newb" at 1000 km. I guess that's nothing! Well done Mike! There are fantastic trails in Kitchener-Waterloo and the main purpose of my cycling is to keep tabs on Light Rail construction.
  2. Is it OK to put stock 450 rims+tires on a 451?
  3. Looking for a set of used steel rims (or alloys for the right price) for a Gen2 gasser; with or without winter rubber on them.
  4. I'll answer my own question; looks like yup, according to some of the review videos coming out of the US o' A. Woot!
  5. Does anyone know if you'll be able to get the 453 electric drive with a glass (polycarbonate) roof? I'm thinking the 451 ED was never offered that option.
  6. Right on! How does one go about reserving? There doesn't appear to be any reference on the official website. Ahhh, gotcha. I met up with Dragon on the weekend and she let me take hers for a rip. Totally hooked! Pondering.
  7. Thanks Glenn! How'd you get your hands on one already? I couldn't find any info on website.
  8. Will the 453 Electric Drive be coming to Canada?
  9. Just wondering, how come the ED isn't on the website? It only has the 453 "Nosebear" gasser. Have they discontinued the 451/ED in Cnada?
  10. That's adorable and hilarious
  11. What is a nose bear?
  12. LOL, I bet MB is shitting their pants right now... I kind of admire VW actually - emissions testing is totally bogus right now because it doesn't measure emissions - it's all done through OBD and nothing coming out of the tailpipe is actually measured. They just said "Well fuck you back!" to the system.
  13. I don't think it's the brake switch; the brake relay is over on the right-hand (passenger) footwell, and it's a very different kind of click (much louder, harder).
  14. Car started making an erratic "clicking" noise under my feet while driving from time to time. Sounds like a relay closing and opening, mostly noticeable when letting off the accelerator (coasting/overrunning) and never occurs while at a stop. It's almost like that little "Brake check" routine that the car does a few seconds after moving off when you first turn it on, but a bit more pronounced (maybe because it happens when I'm not expecting to hear that little check routine). After a few minutes of driving, the Orange Triangle and (ABS) lights come on... What is under the driver's feet from a mechanical standpoint - is that the brake booster? Is that powered by an electric motor or something? Could a tooth missing on the tacho wheel that the little prox switch picks up for ABS be missing and that would cause it to fritz out? (if that were the case though, I suppose the triangle would flash like it does when ABS/ESP kick in)... -Iain