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  1. Are you moving down to the states to work? If so then there is no need to change the registration to a local State plate just leave the Canadian plates on it. If you are a US citizen and the smart has more than 8,000 miles on it I think you can bring it into the US without a problem. I believe there are several cdi's in the states.Dennis
  2. It would be some much easier to look at if you brought the link up on your computer then right clicked it then hit copy and then open your forurm page start your post skip a few lines right click it and hit paste and it would then allow a person who wanted to look at the ad to click on the link and go right to the web page.Dennis
  3. The dearlership needs the car as well as both key fobs. As I understood it they actualy reprogram the ECM and then reprogram the key fobs to the new Tan Code. (I Think)Dennis
  4. billrYou are lucky, it cost me $180 to get my 2nd key reprogrammed when we had the smart. I even drove from Seattle up to Vancouver to the MB dealership after they said they could reprogram it. When I got to the dealership and they discovered it was a European Gas version they were afraid to do it and sent me on my way with a washed car. Eventually Green Car Company in Seattle got a program and they were able to reprogram it. Originally they had said it would be $350.Dennis
  5. I know starting in 2008 that the smarts could be towed 4 down however I have never read anything about the 450's being towable 4 down. Can you tow a 450 4 down?Dennis
  6. The light in my tach burnt out last fall just before we left for HI for the winter. I stopped at the smart dealership in Omaha, Nebraska today to pick up a new light bulb for the tach and I could use one for my dash lights as well. The smart dealership could not find a part number for either light. I am thinking that the tach light should be the same for my European 03 gas model as the 2008 and up version? Any local sources?Dennis
  7. We have sold our RV rig and no longer need our 2003 European G&K conversion gas smart Passion Cabrio. It has 32,500 miles. It has the tach and clock option and cruise control. The tires have around 12,000 miles on them. They were installed in Oct 2009. It has a Swiss amp, 8 inch sub-woofer and 5.1 tweeters. We are asking $8,750 or make me an offer we can't refuse.Dennis
  8. Problem solved. Took it for a nice long 50 mile drive and the light went out. I am guessing that it was a weak/low battery reading. Thanks for all the help. Going to run the smart up to Omaha this weekend which is 125 miles away so will have a chance to add some fresh gas then.Dennis
  9. We have 2003 European GAS smart that was converted by G&K. We left the smart in storage for 4 months while we were in HI for the winter. Got home Saturday and went to get the smart out of storage and it would not start. All the dash lights came on but it would not start so I jumped it and it started right up. It ran a little ruff and the engine light stayed on. It has full power and is now running better and smoother but the engine light is still on. Could the gas have gone bad in 4 months? I am going to get some injector cleaner and see if that helps. AC blowing cold and everthing seems to be working fine. Any thoughts?Dennis
  10. I don't have a stock smart radio so I don't believe I will need to reinstall a radio code. I have a JVC system with a Swiss Amp and 8 inch sub woofer setup. I just had some concerns about taking the power away from the ECM/SAM and losing the code sequence to start it when we get back from HI.Dennis
  11. I won't have access to AC so no charger. It will be inside but it will be unheated. I always fill the tank and use a bottle of fuel stabilizer and I just changed the oil and filter. My concern was disconnecting the battery or even removing it without losing the key fob codes or screwing up the ECMDennis
  12. Getting ready to leave the smart for 4 months in storage. Should I disconnect the battery? The smart will be inside in unheated storage. My concern is losing the code to the ECM and not being able to start it when I get back to Nebraska.Dennis
  13. I have not gotten up the nerve to try it yet. Leaving for HI until April will try this spring.Dennis
  14. Has anyone ever changed the light without removing the tach from the dash?Dennis