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  1. Maybe the stuck injector will end up being the black smoke culprit! Super Dave Osborne(RIP) would have used ETHER and a match to extract it! Don't try that....!
  2. Found a bunch of good pictures of the muffler cut open on a google search. Cold days here so will tackle exhaust on a warmer day. Car runs OK so no rush on getting to it. The lever for the air intake for heater broke off 3 months ago. Used the end of a plastic for to move it to the recirculate position. Should be able to keep the heater on at traffic lights now!
  3. I manual shift my car sparingly. If figure it's going to screw up if I use it to much. My car zips along pretty good so I find no advantage to manual shifting it to get better performance.
  4. I'm thinking it could be busted up inside and causing the stink. Might cut it open to Check. Will check for muffler leaks 1st. The exhaust might be saturating under the car.
  5. Surgery on the cat sounds intriguing. Leaking exhaust could be a possibility. Have not done a close inspection yet. I think the tailpipe needs to be extended a bit.
  6. It's hard top. Temp also stays at 3 on mine. Plugged cat maybe. Exhaust got real noxious when winter rolled around last year.
  7. I have some cardboard blocking the rad right now. it's about 3 inches away from rad so air can still get through it. Warms up much quicker driving down the road. Have device plugged in that gives me the engine temperature when it's running.
  8. I think the Catt could be the problem now that you mention it. Sometimes I forget to shut fan off at traffic light and no stink. I figure the wind is blowing it away. Other times I forget to shut fan down and it stinks! I would guess the intake is set to outside. I'm not sure how to set it though. Car blows no smoke. No holes cut in floor that are letting the exhaust in!
  9. Hatch is snug. I'll have to get underneath while it's running in an attempt to figure it out.
  10. Only did the 10 minute idling thing a few times to warm the car up in frigid weather. Not worth is though if I get gassed to death! I shut the heater fan off when stopped at a traffic light. Cold weather here. Usually can't sit and idle in parking lot to keep warm. Is this deadly exhaust gas normal for these 💩 boxes?
  11. No visible smoke coming from the car. I can not start the car and sit still without being chocked out inside with the nasty exhaust smell! Windows are up. The air around the car and 30 feet away will be saturated with the nasty exhaust smell if I start the car and let idle for 10 minutes. I have to shut the heater fan off at stop lights or the exhaust gets sucked in!
  12. Drove the car for 1st time today. About 40 minutes driving time. Had to stop at a number of stores. No starting or stalling problems. I'd say problem fixed. Will be driving 5 or 6 hours total over the next 3 days. I don't think I will have any problems.
  13. The Bosch 0261210141 Crank Position Sensor is available on amazon .ca for $56.24 today I had searched amazon previously before today and could not find one in the search so picked mine up at the Auto parts store. Only cost me $4.77 more and I could compare the old one to it at the store to make sure it was the right one.
  14. Thanks! I'm pleased because the worse case scenario of breaking the Sensor bolt did not happen! 0 Celsius is probably like summer for people from your neck of the woods! We got clouds here and temp is low now but can go higher during the day. Usually bigger chance of rain here. About 1.5 ft snow approx 1 week ago though. Might go to Costco for a test drive Sunday. 50 min round trip drive. Then doing 2 1/2 hr drive Mon or Tues.