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  1. Running in last place https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?mid=1sqhyNfwew2N-jmExVHKK9cqPMyRjrMQ&usp=sharing
  2. Evasive maneuvers at 0:56 https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/130nJ8f4DoM-NTBh1wtFDzT2TZlHg8V_d?usp=sharing
  3. Looking forward to the tour. I have a reserved camp site at the Wapati campground. There's probably roof for a second (or third) smart.
  4. It's sunny in the Bow Valley. Reese and I are set up in site 9 at the Lac des Arc camp ground. Drop by smartcars welcome Parking for 8 or 9 cars.
  5. I'll be travelling with a dog So I won't be at dinner Is there a plan for coffee meetup before we head up towards Jasper? I think that the last fuel is at the Lake Louise Shell?
  6. That’s great!  I’m thinking that I might like to share your spot if there’s still room. Thank you 😊 

    1. Aj12


      You're the first taker
      You're in
      (There will be a dog)

  7. I have a confirmed campsite at Lac Des Arc campground for the 17th and I'm more than happy to share. {there will be a barky GSD with me)
  8. Good morning Glenn
    I've been looking for a replacement fender for my smart (06 Cabrio White)
    It was suggested that I ask you.

  9. So A couple of years ago a big, black, Mazda changed lanes into my very pretty little white car. Estimates, police reports, court filings happened. But. Within a week I'd replaced my rear brakes, rear suspension, a damaged wheel, aligned the beast and was safely back on the road. However I still haven't replaced the fender. Any one have one that they'd like to sell me?
  10. Good morning Club Smart Car I bought my smart cabrio in 2006. I've been using it as a summer driver since we bought it, I've done very little to mod the car. But last summer I added cruise (thanks Glen, and thanks Stickman) I've driven this car back and forth between Montreal and Victoria Why did I wait so long to add this?
  11. I finally found my way to this thread. I'm good with either weekend.