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  1. Will the Fuel Door finally arrived a few days ago from the local Mercedes dealer. It went on as planned with a tight fit. Keeping my fingers crossed that it won't come off again. Will keep an eye on it every time I refuel for signs of it getting loose. Will try the glue should I notice it start to loosen. $65 CDN for a small piece of plastic is an outrageous price to have to pay..!!
  2. My locks are working but somehow it release from the track. I close the Fuel Door everytime I refuel. I've read where others have encountered the same problem after driving thru car washes, the pressure it seems is enough to pop it off..
  3. I own a 2010 Smart (gas) and the other day when I went to fill up at the gas station I noticed that my Fuel Door was missing. First I thought that someone ripped it off trying to steal my gas. I ordered a new Fuel Door from my local Mercedes dealer. It merely clips in place, nothing to secure it with a screw to lock it in place.. What's the solution that others have tried to secure it without a chance of it falling off again or are we just stuck with what there is..? With tax the Fuel Door cost me $65 CDN so that's an expensive part for a thin piece of plastic that's prone to fall off again..
  4. Moved to "One-off Questions and Other Things Asked Often!" Please delete this posting..
  5. Looking for (1) 155/60R15 spare tire with rim for 2010 smart. Just a steel rim would work, nothing fancy as it's just a spare to sit behind the passenger seat. Has anyone had any luck using a "donut tire" as a spare..? Located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada so would prefer something close to my area..
  6. How is that supposed to work..? I'm not all that tech savy but I've got a 2010 Smart 451 and an Apple iPhone 12 Mini that I'm not all that familiar with yet. Is it done thru BlueTooth or has someone created an App to unlock the door..?
  7. Decided to take it in to my local body shop for repairs. They claimed the hinge needed replacing and quoted me a price of $518 with tax. If I was younger and in better health, I would've attempted to do this work on my own. Considering the amount of work needed for taking the door apart, I thought well go ahead. After they got the door apart they called and said that since everything was apart it would be best to just replace the other spring as well at the same time. The car door seems to be operating smoothly now.. I forgot so the next day I called to ask for the 2 hinges back that they had removed. Looking at the lower hinge that was creating the issue, I saw that the hinge pin had merely came out of the opposite hole that was holding it in place. All that needed to be done was just to pound it back in place and everything would've been okay. Looking at the other hinge, nothing was even wrong with it. TALK ABOUT GETTING RIPPED OFF, THE FINAL BILL CAME TO $858 AFTER EVERYTHING WAS DONE..!!! I'll never be doing business with them again. I think that in a few days, I'll be going back to have a few words with them about this RIPOFF..!!! Maybe I need to report them to the Better Business Bureau to save others from grief..!!
  8. I've got a 2010 Smart Highstyle Limited Edition that I bought a couple of weeks ago. I noticed that the passenger door is out of alignment and creaks when it closes. Not sure of that's an indication of a bad hinge or just needing some adjustment to re-align the door..? I'm not very handy on repairs and feel if I take it into a shop I might get fleeced for a minor repair. I feel that it just needs to get re-adjusted as opposed to having the hinge replaced. Car doors are notoriously noted for going out of alignment during windy days. Have others experienced this and what have you tried for a solution..?
  9. I've got a 2010 Smart Highstyle Limited Edition. The Smart right now has 12 spoke rims, (2) 15x4.5 rims on the front and (2) 15x5.5 rims on the back. The tires are like new when I just bought the Smart. I'd like to change over to (4) matching rims all around for ease of handling and tire rotation. I'm looking to buy a set of (2) 15x5.5 12 spoke rims to match what I have on the car now (see pic)..
  10. I'm new here, 72 years old and living down in Windsor, Ontario and I just bought a new to me 2010 Smart Highstyle Limited Edition with 68k kms. So far loving the Smart and as the weather warms up, I plan to check it out more thoroughly and do some upgrades..
  11. I'm new here and noticed that when I went to sign up my computer told me that this site might compromise my info..? Is this something to be concerned about..? I was hesitant to sign up before because of this issue..