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  1. Smart 2006 Pure, original owner, grey panels, black cell, 38,840 kms, Diesel, 6-speed clutchless electronic manual shift. 3.7 l/100 kms / 65 mpg highway. Odometer calibrated in kms. No body defects other than a couple of minor scratches, good mechanics. Summer tires on mags; snows on steels. a/c updated and working. Block heater, bike and ski rack, wheel locking nuts, cargo cover, drawer, coin tray. Can be serviced by any reliable garage. $7500 CDN, private. Available in North Hatley, QC
  2. Again. Many thanks, all! I'm in good hands in this smart community! Talk soon!
  3. You are absolutely right, Mike! Many thanks! A reluctor ring was broken and just had a used replacement axle installed. I have to learn why the rings are made of brittle white metal. Now - where do I buy new smart 450 reluctor rings in Canada?
  4. Thanks, Canman. The battery is new last year and cranks the engine well, even after 3-4 days in very cold weather. It's the clicking that coincides with the flickering that concerns me. A loose contact in the instrument cluster?
  5. The display on my 450 flickers with an audible clicking sound. Had problems earlier in the very cold with engine quitting and all warning lights on (as if switch on prior to starting), then engine light staying on after re-starting. The engine light is no longer staying on after a start (I.e. all systems normal) but this constant display clicking flicker.Not sure I want to drive the smart any distance in case it dies again! Any suggestions would be very welcome!
  6. [Oh, hi! Never saw this post. Sorry.Still have the 2006 Pure and have not needed mechanical work done, other than front shocks. No issues with the garage; still recommend.
  7. Thanks for all your pointers - it's been too cold and busy to get down to checking things out but today, at -20C, the smart started up well, drove roughly for 2-3 kms then the engine quit. Dead. I could coast to a safe place to try re-starting it, which it did after a minute or two. But the engine light stays on.Am I having electrics problems?Happy 2013, everyone!
  8. Many thanks, Alex, AHZELA and Mike! I'll look up other posts but, having just had a major B service from Mercedes (less than 250 kms ago) including a drain/flush of the brake system, I'm a little surprised that this wasn't picked up. On Mike's point, my smart sits on a gravel driveway year-round and does get road crap sprayed at it, so corrosion is an issue!
  9. 2006 Pure, 36,000 kms.. winter driving conditions..The ABS and ! (exclamation point) orange lights came on after being on the road for 15 minutes. Prior to that I seemed to have standard ABS operations but uncontrolled rear-wheel slippage thereafter. Stopped, switched off, restarted after 20 - 30 minute and the two lights stayed on after starting but went out after 20 seconds. I have full braking control at all times.This has happened twice. What part got frozen?!
  10. I'm about to sell my 2006 Pure with 25,000 kms, snows on steels and summers on mags, bike and ski rack, otherwise stock and in fine shape. I'm near Montreal. Any ideas what I should ask?Thanks!
  11. Thank you all!Waiting to hear from MB, but expecting to have to deal with it myself..
  12. My 2006 Pure (23,000 kms) has been a rugged and reliable friend both summer and winter but today, just a couple of weeks before the 4 yr / 80,000 km warranty expires (I bought it in August, 2006) I noticed rust around the driver's seat base at the carpeting level. Obviously the result of infiltration and winter driving. I took it to the dealership who made a report (I obtained a copy). They will investigate eligibility on warranty and get back to me.Question: what do we know about rust patterns on this model? Where else should I check for rust? Thanks for your advice!
  13. Whether it's winter slop or the fact that I left the door open during a rainstorm (yes, I did!), the floor under the driver's side floor mat is very wet. The passenger side mat is easy to lift up and dry but the driver's side pedals make this a difficult task. Any suggestions?
  14. Thank you, sir! I note the warning about clips possibly snapping in the cold.. Now - can you suggest anything else I should look for while the front end is all naked and exposed?
  15. Had to do the other headlight yesterday and the only way these big mitts can get at it is to loosen the cowling. But how do I remove the grille, which seems to be the only thing holding the cowling in place once both sides and the bottom clips are detached?