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  1. I'll make an effort, my subdivision has 3-4 Smarts and there is another for sale not too far away, so every time I exit my neighbourhood I'll detour around their places and see if they are out and about and start up a conversation but winter is coming....
  2. Under my mailbox icon, when I reply and I want to add a photo, I get a message stating "there was a problem uploading the file". It is under the required size, uploading a photo has worked before when I added a foto of my car under the title, "introduce yourself".; I'll try a different computer later today to see if it is Linux problem. mas
  3. Yesterday, the 05 CDI stalled just as I put it into 6th gear. Crank, no start, no fuel getting to the rail. Back story, I bought it at the end of August with the same symptoms, dropped the tank, replaced the fuel filter, removed the fuel pump and cleaned out the crap in the pump. The previous owner mentioned he had fuel issues with the car. I gave the pump 12 volts and it worked fine, put everything back and it has been running like a champ for the past 2500kms. Today,I started troubleshooting and got P0087, no fuel pump sound. After removing the belly pans I banged the tank, turned the key and heard the hum of a fuel pump, Started right up. What gives? A dead spot on the fuel pump windings? A bad connection above the fuel pump? Based on this forum search (fuel pumps) I am looking at replacing this fuel pump with a generic one since I am ready to drop the tank. Is there anything one can add to this issue? thanking you in advance
  4. Now on the 6th owner, 10/23 with 127K
  5. I could not join up using my Gmail account/Google. I ended up getting an outlook email account to join this forum
  6. I tackled this issue during the week, as I suspected just by wrapping some electrical tape around the internal post, it created enough friction that the mirrors did not swing in while driving at moderate speed. Let's see how long this lasts.
  7. The power mirror functions work but when going down the highway at warp speed, both mirrors fold in a bit. I removed the 3 torx screws but they are unrelated to the looseness of the mirror. It looks like the circular post that the mirror sits on is too narrow for the mirror insert. Does one think by wrapping some electrical tape around the post will give it enough friction that they will not fold in?
  8. It is probably hiding in plain site but what does the Smart C> emblem mean? I recently learned that the Toyota emblem has all the Toyota letters superimposed in the emblem (with a bit of imagination).
  9. I called the local Merc parts department and he asked for the last 5 or 7 VIN numbers, he put me on hold for a few minutes and bingo the 4 digit number he gave me worked (no charge).
  10. Tried signing up using two different Gmail accounts and no love. When all failed, I tried to contact administration at the bottom of the page and again no love. I got my neighbour to sign up using microsolft and it worked for him. I ended up using Outlook and that worked. Why no Gmail access? mas
  11. Greetings from Ottawa and farther points of Eastern Ontario. I just bought my retired mechanic's silver on red 2005 cdi passion cabriolet with 124K. I took a chance in buying it since it was parked with a crank/no start (fuel) for well over a year in his side yard. Towed it to my house and spend over 24 hrs wrenching on the fuel system before it detonated. Biggest time sucker was breaking\stripping 3 of the 4 torx bolts of the torsional cross bracing and drilling them out......but that is why alcohol was invented. Once safetied, I drove around the neighbourhood for 200km then headed out for a real test drive by going to Georgian Bay and back over the extra long labour day weekend (1000km). 60 mpg on the way and 69 on the way back (old school). Smart-E-Pants is growing on me. Only one Dodge 4x4 pickup truck owner questioned my masculinity so far. This is my 3rd vehicle forum that I have joined, I was a regular contributor on OdyClub (Honda Odyssey) for 6 winters while driving from Ottawa to the Southern tip of South America (Ushuaia, Arg.) and almost back (Colombia). I hope to share your insight and experience while participating on this forum Adios, mas