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  1. SOLD SOLD ORIGINAL OWNER Reason for selling In April 2015, I went to see a good friend of mine, Kamaal, brand manager of Penske Smart of West Covina California. Found out all I could about the new smart and committed myself to purchase a 2016 453 SMART PROXY. In late June I filled out all the paper work of how I wanted my smart built. Car comes fully loaded. Main thing is picking out the color. Still don’t know the price or MPG or any other data about the smart. In the third week of August I have found out the car is somewhere on a ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Details about my 2005 DIESEL Passion coupe 79,570 KM Always garaged, Second car seldom driven, Meticulously maintained, Currently located in Orange County in Southern California, No accidents. Loose leaf binder has dates and data when all work and modifications were done. LAMBO DOORS – My smart was used as a prototype by Vertical Doors of Corona. Pictures are on their website. By the way they cost $1500.00. One of the best investments I have made. My wife would ALWAYS park so close to my car that it was hard to exit because of the large doors. Now lift the door up and step out!!! The smart can be brought back to original status as I have the original hinges. UNIQUE WHITE FABRIC UPHOLSTERY trimmed with red piping and red head covers. Shop made three different sets of seat covers. Third one was the charm. Tried to get the smart chicken head emblem stitched on the head covers. No one would do it as it is trade marked. When I went to the Denver Nationals I spoke to someone from SmartUSA Headquarters about this. This person contacted some higher up at SmartUSA and they gave me a ONE time use WRITTEN permission to stitch the emblem on the seat covers. I removed the seat covers and left them with a seamstress in Denver. She mailed them to me later!!! Cost over $800.00 for all this. If you go to this website you will find twelve pictures and a sign that was used when the Smart was entered in various car shows. Won a few trophies also. Being a “450” helped. I am asking $5,900 CDN. I will be driving the car up to the Vernon – Kelowna British Columbia area on September 1st and spending two days visiting relatives. If anyone in the general area is seriously interested in my car, you can send me an e-mail to In the “SUBJECT” line type in SMART CAR. I will arrange to get in touch with you so you can see the car. After that the car will be driven to Edmonton where a brother is going to sell it for me. You can also request my phone number by e-mail and I will send it to you OR you can send me your phone number and I will return your call.
  2. Thanks everyone for the info. Have been in touch with Izzy (Stickman007)
  3. Here is a VERY SHORT summary of what has happened. 2005 Passion coupe diesel - original owner I have two diagnostic codes showing up. P1925 P2402. I have a warning light on the dash that has been on for a few months. It is a triangle with and exclamation mark inside. The manual says this light is the ELECTRONIC STABILITY PROGRAM or ESP for short. I have tried to find the information of what these two codes are telling me. Evilution, FQ101 and numerous sites in North America have no data available. I could sure use some help with this problem. Was told it was safe to drive the car until I could get around to fixing the problem. Thanks in advance ( Flossy The Smart - I was the white smart parked next to you at the Denver rally last summer) Worker Not RON
  4. Thanks Steve for the photo of Bil. Never met the man but I have known him for many years.He ALWAYS had an answer for me for the many times I contacted him with questions about my smart.On my yearly visit to Vernon B.C. this fall, I had promised Bil that I would go out of my way to visithim to show off my rig. I now wish I had done this a year earlier.R.I.P. Bil I will truly miss you Worker Not (Ron Thachuk)
  5. Me bad!!! Forgot about the %$$%^ cost of shipping to Canada!
  6. Clicked on the above link and the cost is $23.40 EACH or $46.80 for a pair. Something wrong here. HMMM!!
  8. 2005 passion coupe dieselWhat is the trick to removing the A/C pods on the top of the dash. Could not find any information anywhere inregards to the removal and re-installation of these pods.I tried to pry up and then tried to turn them but no luck. Was afraid to put too much pressure to cause them to break.I need to paint them bright red to match the door pull handles, door release handles, and the up and down window buttons.The trim that holds the netting in place was also painted red. The panel and the netting was covered in white leather.P.S. The seats were also re-covered in a unique bright white leather also.
  9. Thanks for the replys Bill and Alex. I still have a few months to ponder about what I am going to do about taking this trip. I will keep you posted.thanks again.Ron T
  10. Hello again BillI few years ago you supplied me with instructions on how to force the A/C to stay on permanently so it wouldn't cycle on/off during acceleraton. Thanks again!I use a K/N reuseable filter. Is there a guage available to moniter the EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature)?I will be looking into installing a small fan and some way to spray a mist with your suggestion of a dam extension.
  11. Thanks for the quick reply Alex. I have taken off the "belly" pan a few times already. I replaced the fuel filter once and I never noticed the fuel cooler. I have driven from Los Angeles to Las Vegas a few times. At Baker California there is a 6 percent uphill grade that is about 12 miles long. I usually have to drop down into 4th gear near the top of the grade.( NEVER lug the engine and keep the revs up) Elevation is over 4000 feet at the top. I have driven this once with an outside temp. over 100 degrees F.The car water temp. got to 202 degrees F (scan guage reading) Temp "BLOBS" never exceeded THREE! Why does the higher altitude have this restriction? I know the air is thinner at higher altitudes but I thought that the turbos by forcing air into the engine compensated for this.By the way I should have included this : 2005 Passion Diesel with 60244 Kilometers.I will skip the Pikes Peak Run.
  12. I am meeting up with a caravan in California and driving to Colorado for the smart Car Nationals in July. The planned route will be going up to an elevation of 12,000 feet thru one of the mountain passes. There is also a planned trip to the top of Pikes Peak - elevation over 14,000 feet.Somewhere I read that the smart diesel has a restriction for mountain driving. I thought I read it in the owners manual but I can't find it. I also tried to find the info in one of the forums but I had no luck. I would like some kind of clarification about this.Some of the solutions put forward to me are: 1. Purchase a new 2013 gasser 2. Put my 450 inside my 5th wheel trailer and take the interstates to Denver. This deprives me of the enjoyment of caravaning with a great bunch of dedicated smart car owners. Still can't make the trip up to the top of Pikes Peak. 3. Be a relief driver for a few drivers that are travelling solo.Thanks in advanceWorker Not ( Ron T)Here is the caravans itinerary: ( Subject to change) When SoCal Smarties put together a run they do it RIGHT!!!A more detailed EXAMPLE:Starting at Penny's Diner (Lunch). Dagget-Yermo Rd. and I-15. South side of road, west of Dagget-Yermo Rd. AM/PM for gas on corner (but is a cash only station - lowest price for gas from Barstow to Stateline (NV). This should be a gas stop for allNext stop - rest break at Mobil Gas Station. Just out side of Vegas on Speedway blvd. exit on right. Alamo Casino also there. 158 miles from Penny's diner - 2 hours 35 min. driveNext stop - Mesquite, NV. Turn left Falcon Ridge Parkway from I-15, Right on West Pioneer. Hotel will be on right. Many places to eat, but not many near hotel. No nearby gas stations either. At next evit off I-15 is East Pioneer (West Pioneer will run into it), there are gas stations and Casinos with Buffets. 67 miles from last rest area - just over an hour drive. Gas stop for all. 225 miles from last gas up at Penny's.Next morning leave for Loves Travel Center (Rest Stop). Right turn onto UT 130 South into Travel Center. 96 miles - 1 hour, 33 minute drive.Several 80 MPH test sections along I-15 coming up. Exit to I-70 east.Next stop - Wingers (Lunch) in Richfield, UT. Right turn on W 1300 South, then next two right turns. A gas station is nearby - everyone should fuel. 107 miles from Rest stop. 1 hour 40 minute drive. 203 miles since fill up in Mesquite, NV.Next stop - rest break - Devil's Canyon Rest area on right. Bathroom and great view of Devil's Canyon nearby. 78 miles - 1 hour, 13 minute drive.Between Salina, UT and Green River, UT is a section of I-70 with no services for 108 miles. Just warning you.Next stop - Grand Junction, CO. for overnight stop @ Holiday Inn Express. - Parachute, CO. Exit 75. Turn left onto road 215 (left turn at end of ramp). Turn left into rest area. Indian jewelry store nearby (No affiliation with said store - just noticed it nearby on Google Earth). 144 miles - 2 hour, 15 minute drive. (Grand Junction could be alternate rest stop - just easier freeway access at Parachute)Next stop - Lunch at Eagle Diner in Eagle, CO. Exit 147 and turn right. Turn right at first light and Diner is on the left. Two gas stations nearby. 73 miles from Parachute - 1 hour, 15 minute drive. 217 miles since Green River - all fuel here.Next stop - rest break - Silverthorne, CO. Exit 205 and turn right. First right turn and then left into Burger King parking lot. Just happens to be Outlet Center there also. 60 miles - 1 hour drive. (Silverthorne is just before the "tunnels")Alternate (or additional stop?) Silver Plume (exit 226 on right) is 20 miles past Silverthorne. Georgetown Loop train station Museum here - unknown if bathrooms available. Not much parking either.Next stop - Westin Westminister. I-70 to I-76. I suggest CO 287 north to CO 36 West. Exit W 104th Ave. and turn right. Very next left (Westminister Blvd W) and then right into hotel. 72 miles - 1 hour, 30 minute drive. 145 miles since last fill up.Alternate - FOR THE DRIVE - exit I-70 39 miles from Silverthorne onto Route 6. Route 6 is the original road through the Rockies that I-70 replaced. This is a two lane road mostly following a river and goes through several tunnels. Comes out into Golden, CO and goes back into I-70 - a possible side trip?
  13. Just a suggestion. Maybe Mike T or someone else that frequents the Smart Car of America forum can post something there to see if a member in Tucson could somehow help you out. Maybe recommend an independent garage or have any other suggestions? No harm in trying this.
  14. Just sent in my registration.
  15. Received the following message from Russell Glissmann, the organizer of the 2013 Smart Nationals being held in Colorado.-----Do you know the administrator for clubsmartcar? I've registered, but have yet to gain approval from the site administrator so I can post to the forums. I wanted to post the National Convention on there, but pretty hard to do that when the administrator hasn't approved me!-----What does he have to do to post information about the Nationals on CSC site?Worker Not (Ron Thachuk)