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  1. Oil drain
  2. What do people think this is? Im going to say its either oil pick up or its a passage for crank case pressure to rise up and into the head to be passed out through the breather pipe. Cdi, 2010,
  3. Did you have a problem with turbo leaks? I have a leaking turbo that wont stop, fitted a new core and its still leaking badly out the compressor. Excessive pressure or a bad drain is the usual culprits but its clear. Would you recommend this fix?
  4. https://youtube.com/shorts/mob4VK_EB7w?feature=shared. Here is a video i did today. Does the amount of gases escaping the breather look too much??? Could that be engine fumes? Why is nothing escaping from the dip stick or oil cap???? Nothing at all. I will add this. Because you cant blank off the EGR completely with getting a code, i made a plate and drilled a 10mm hole in it to allow some EGR gas through but not get a fault code. It works. Could that cause pressure.?
  5. Thanks guys 1. I think im gonna take the turbo off and put it back carefully so i know im 100% certain its installed correctly. 2. I will take the intake off and watch through the inlet of the Turbo while the pipe is connected and see whats happening. (Better view of oil leak) 3. Compression test (through the glow plug is suspect????) After that its the stems and rings. I hope not. 4. Yes agreed. The moment the pipe is connected its obviously sucking oil straight past the Bearings as the pull from the engine sucks it out. Surely i could put another crank breather in or a fan sucking it out to decrease pressure and the leak would stop? Or is it a case if the oil drain is pressurized too much?
  6. Nope, cap and dipstick out. No blow, smoke or push or pull, it all comes out the breather pipe only. Still leaking oil. Wonder if the turbo is not installed correctly
  7. With the breather pipe off the intake i see a good amount of chuffing vapor and out the turbo when connected back together. I kinda think it too much vapor as it stinks and hurts my eyes after a while. Seems to be pressure related as i see no more issues anywhere else
  8. Thanks for the welcome guys. Im going to check the pressure now and see if it comes out the dipstick or cap. I was told the injectors could be leaking down into the cylinders and filling up the sump or failed regens did the same. Yes...... I did lots of short journeys, i now known to run them longer for no reason. Valve cover will be my last check.
  9. New here because im fried 2010 smart cdi 54bhp DPF passion. 1, Turbo solenoid failed (replaced) 2. DPF clogged (cleaned) 3. Noticed a lot of oil around cross member under the turbo. 4. Pipes off and full of oil. 5. Rebuild turbo and still leaked. 6. New cartridge ready assembled and still leaked. 7. Checked turbo oil drain, its clear. 8. This is the unusual part. If i leave the outlet pipe ( from compressor to intercooler) off, it doesn't or barely leaks oil. If I put ot back on, instant oil in the pipes and compressor snail. 8. Crank breather from the cam/head is clear. 9. Oil level was high, i think from injectors leaking. (new seals to be installed) It just wont stop leaking under normal conditions.