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  1. Hi everyone Thanks for all your advises, I follow them 1 Pairs of reluctor rings are ok 2 Battery ok, was checked with Scanner Icarsoft before mention it. 3 I bought Rear Left ABS in Ebay As result was replace Abs sensor and fit very well. But after that my idle hands disconnected an transmission sensor back upper left, as consequence cleaned ( Electronic Cleaner ) and reinstall by myself and when turn it on the engine behavior changed completed in the dashboard intermittent showed letters gearbox obviously when apply each letter less parking P also Left Side show it Two wrenches the same intermittent modes. Try after to reset scanning and disconnect battery and nothing happened. Well, guys Its my unique car, appreciate some advises or procedures to do. These are his faulty codes 1- P0700 Clutch Protection Function 2- U0103 3- B1101 4- U0073 And others pictures with others codes. I will appreciate all yours experiences.
  2. Hi Everyone I'm new in this website and new with an Smart Car 451 year 2011 I want to know different stuffs about my car that can not find and accurate answer. This VIN: Smart Fortwo 451 Pure Gas 130.000 Kilometers London Ontario Canada Would someone help me with his experiences and suggestions Scan the car with iCARSOFT MB V2.0 I bought this one following one post MES ( ME - SFI Control Unit ) (N3/10) Enter Read Fault Code Enter P0318 State: Current In the same display press View data Enter Lambda Control Enter o2 Downstream 1,44V and o2 Upstream 0V -------------------------------------------- Scm ( Sprint Shift Control Module ) (N15/6) Enter Read Fault Code Enter P1401 State: Current --------------------------------------------- Esp ( Esp Control Unit ) (N47-5) Enter Read Fault Code Enter C1120 State : Current -------------------------------------------- Please, all ears to receive What could I am do first? Thanks a lot BlackSmart