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  1. I am a big fan of my paddle shifters in my 451. These are custom made by Matt Boesch.
  2. Here is my US spec 451 with 10% tint on side and rear windows and a 10% strip on windshield.
  3. There is actually a guy that goes by the handle "baldgeek" that has removed the doors from his 451 cabrio. He has done some other mods as I remember. You can find him on Insta Gram.
  4. Welcome from Florida!! I hope you enjoy your smart as much as I have enjoyed mine for the last nine years.
  5. Welcome from Florida!! Not close, but good luck in finding some new smart friends.
  6. I love happy outcomes. Just wish we had our version of "Glenn" in Florida.
  7. There is a similar discussion going on over on the Corvette Forum. Someone in a gated community said his neighbor would not let their daughter play with his daughter because he liked to tinker on his Corvette and that made him "low class". It seems more and more people have lost that "DIY" feeling and just do not want to spend some quality time with their cars. Some may have gotten too old or don't have the stamina anymore, but I find doing projects on my cars both relaxing and fun. I am 71 and plan to keep tinkering until I am no longer physically able to.
  8. Very clever!! Going to be hard to beat that.
  9. Impressive! I believe Barney over on SCoA was running in the low 12's with his Toyota powered 451.
  10. I really love my smart, but I am not into giving a name to a car or motorcycle. What did you name your smart?
  11. Welcome from Florida!! Your 450 looks really nice.
  12. Welcome to the forum!! Is your car red? There were many issues of peeling clear coat on the 2009 model smarts delivered in red.
  13. Interesting article and I really like the red with the darker red tridion. First time I have seen that color combination.
  14. Welcome from a long time smart owner on the other coast.....Florida.