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  1. Welcome from Florida in the USA!! Enjoy your time here.
  2. On E Bay, I have seen used ED's in the US for sale from $4950-$7695.
  3. I just bought a 5 quart jug of OW-40 at Wal Mart for $22.88 USD. The Mobil M-108 filter was $9.88
  4. I wish I could be of more help, but I am afraid I am not really familiar with the specs of the new 453. I am not sure which model includes what features as standard equipment. Someone will be along shortly to give you the info you need on the 453. Good luck on whatever you decide.
  5. They say it is 2015 Pure which it appears to be. In the lower write up, they are giving engine and transmission specs for a 2016 Pure. I don't think I would give my business to a dealer that does not know what he is selling.
  6. In America, it is know as "April Fools" day......
  7. Does the green car with the body kit have wheel spacers or just more offset wheels? It looks good.
  8. I don't think 70 HP would move all those doo dads.....Welcome to the group!!
  9. Welcome!! Tell us about your smart.
  10. Of course you do........
  11. Me too.....2004 Z06. I thought it was made of fiber reinforced plastic. I need to go out and check my manual. What generation do you own?
  12. Please do not buy a Corvette then.........
  13. Beautiful car!! You should be very proud of it.
  14. Since you have a 451, how about a Brabus exhaust as a take off unit? It would be a lot cheaper than a new system and Smart Madness may have something available. My US spec '09 Brabus has the original factory exhaust with no issues and I like the slightly deeper tone than the stock system. It also has a dual tip center exit.
  15. I have 215/35-17 Hankook tires on 7.5x17 Brabus wheels on all four corners of my '09 451. They are wide enough without having to resort to fender flares or body cutting.