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  1. Thank you! Thanks to everyone for all the kind words. We had a little Brabus convoy on the way home. Bill was kind enough to shield me from the bugs with his Canada 1.
  2. Love the Wharf!Sign up:1. Liz & Glenn2. Bill3. Ron & Dot4. Melissa5.
  3. SIGN-UP LIST1. Bill2. Ken (KKSmart05)3. Janet & (Don?) Pdl Jmpr & Diesel Don4. Melissa5.
  4. Not sure if i can still make it. I've had my cousin staying with me and she was supposed to leave this weekend and now saying she is leaving tomorrow. I'm keeping my fingers crossed i'll be able to still make it. I'm due for some pub grub!
  5. SIGN-UP1. Bill2. Ron & Dot3. DR MAP (Alberta & Cliff)4. Liz & Glenn5. Annabelle & Jack6. Melissa7.
  6. Sign up:1. Liz & Glenn2. Ron & Dot3. Ralph & Monica4. Don & Janet5. Dan6. Joyce and John7. Melissa8.9.
  7. I had the same thing Spring 2010....the traction light would come on and it seemed that every time I made a left hand turn it would quit. I would coast to the side of the road and sometimes get the 3 bars and other times nothing. I would try to start it again and sometimes it would start and other times I had to sit for a while before it would start up again. Then it would be completely normal for a while(sometimes days) and then it would start doing it again. Turned out it was the gear position sensor was defective. At the same time I had the brake light switch replaced.PARTS$113.35 angle sensor$50.45 stoplight switch$28.25 cover$4.21 bulbLABOUR$19.70 for initial test$49.25 for brake light switch replace$49.25 for wiring for brake light switch and position sensor check$19.70 for RPM sensor for shifting replace
  8. I too have rear quarters leaking....more so on the passenger side than the driver side. I was curious so when I went for B service lat week I asked about it. Since my rear quarters were blacked out....I told the service advisor I DID NOT want them to replace the windows.....just the seals. He didn't think that was possible.....but in the end said yes it is possible. The seals are worth $29.60 each. To replace them both they quoted me $99. But of course they have to order the parts. My passengers always complain about my seat belt on that side not retracting back in after they pull it out...and I notice that it sometimes feels I am wondering if the leaky window is running down and doing something with the retraction of the seat belt. I made mention of that at my last service as well. (Safety issue?)
  9. Sign-up for Port Stanley1) Bill2) Melissa3)4)5)6(7)8)9)10)
  10. I don't mind the Tuesday....but a week change would be nice to avoid the holiday Mondays. Thursday and Monday during football season is not the greatest for me. I love experiencing the different places and eateries. All the organized tours have been really great!!! I've suggested a few places and they seemed to be well received. If you want to share YOUR favourite place with us....SUGGEST it. If the next month has already been decided, there is always the next month. Just my two cents!!
  11. Reservations confirmed for 6:30 to 7 PM arrival.Sign-Up Sheet1)2) Ron & Dot (Leadwing & Spike)3) Don & Janet (DieselDon & a1karaoke)4) Sandra (ishkabibble)5) James and Dawn (Ethical Beef)6) William (Huronlad)... ??7) Jay & Tracey (J&T)8) Dave & Lu (TANK)9) Melissa10)11)12)13)14)15)
  12. Great photos everyone! Love the great shots Gord. Certain shots of steering wheels etc are great! Appreciate it....I like Bill...forgot my camera....remembered about half way to Lambeth!! DOH!!
  13. Smoke N Bones is GREAT food!!! 1. Liz & Glenn.2. Dot & Ron3. Bill4. James & Dawn (sorry we missed the Wortley one)5. Sandra (please let me out of Huron County for this one!!)6. Alberta, Cliff & Jane7. Melissa8.9.10.
  14. Sign up list:1.Liz & Glenn.2.Ron & Dot3. Melissa4.
  15. Sign up list:1. Liz & Glenn2. Derek & Andrea3. Bill4. Ron & Dot5. Sandra (Ish)6. John & Nell7. Melissa8.9.10.