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  1. 80,000 ahead of me
  2. Sorry Ron, I won't be able to attend as I planned. Broke a tooth yesterday and I have to have it out on Saturday, with preparation for an implant. Add to that my daughter and granddaughter are visiting from New Zealand for a short time. Plus I'll be trying to stage an open house Saturday from 2 to 4. And I was so looking forward to free food too. Seriously, congratulations to you and Dot on your milestone anniversary and best wishes for many, many more.
  3. But I think Smart car parts will still cost an arm and a leg, maybe until they're 45 years old. I can just imagine what brake system or any other parts for a 2005 Smart car will cost from MB in 2050. I'll post and let you know (course, I'll be way over 100 years old, but my Smart will keep me alive, and agrivated).
  4. ..... and was the connection under her seat 'finicky' ??..... waka-waka
  5. The DriveClean issue may not be a problem any longer. Re-testing is in order. Contact Glenn (smart142) in London re airbag codes / seat swaps / code issues.
  6. Had an E-test done on the Canada1 this morning...... and it passed !! It appears the trouble with the Ontario DriveClean program and the Smart diesels has been corrected. Many thanks to George in Tillsonburg who chased their technical people to both clarify and correct the trouble. Thanks to Glenn in London for trial & error testing on un-mapped, mapped and re-mapped cars. Also thanks to Dave, manager at Mufflerman in London (also a Smart owner) for all the vehicle testing. For those that didn't know, our little diesels have been consistently failing the E-test lately. This has been happening because the test and measurement criteria changed somewhat this year. Glenn and Dave confirmed the situation, and George took the program's technical people to task for a resolution. All ’05's and '06's appear to be testing properly as of last Monday afternoon. Thanks again guys for all your efforts.
  7. You'll probably like the ride and handling of the new Smart. I know I did vs my '05 & '06 Smarts. And remember, you're inside behind the wheel enjoying the driving experience, not outside watching yourself go by. I wasn't enamoured when I opted for a Phat Red car instead of the BayGray colour I ordered. But sitting in the car, I can't tell if it's red, yellow, striped or polkadot. Its all in how you feel behind the wheel and whether you like the car from the front seat.
  8. Here's one for the record books..... All during this trip I made notes on a small Sony voice recorder. More accurate than my memory, believe you me. But late into the trip I lost it. Rather than fudge something together, I just didn't post anything more about the trip. That was May of 2012. Guess what.... I replaced the battery in the car last fall and what do you think I found next to it. Ya, my voice recorder !! It's AAA battery was OK and it worked just fine. Like the Grinch,'I puzzled and puzzed till my puzzler was sore' and I can think of only one answer to this mystery. I remember hitting the brakes hard after being cut off by a truck on my way to the early ferry to Nanaimo. Everything slid off the seat and onto the floor. Could do nothing about the mess till I was stopped in the ferry lineup. Couldn't find the recorder and resigned myself to having lost it while loading the car that morning. What are the odds it would somehow ricochet up into the passenger foot well and lodge beside the battery? And what are the odds of it remaining fully functional there after more than 4 years? I've decided I won't complete any report on the latter part of my 2012 western adventure. I thing it would be somewhat like a history text. I've got my voice notes now, but can't remember all the details. Lessons learned are to keep the passenger seat clean, watch out for trucks cutting you off, maintain good brakes and change your car's battery regularly. You never know what you might find.
  9. The '05.... into Glenn's today for a rebuilt alternator, belts and various lubings and tightenings. The '06.... Canada1 out last Wednesday for a 50km peanut run to Picard's. All systems functioned normally. Next week will be a tire swap on the '05 and wash the winter off of both of them.
  10. I signed up in mid-February, but since then my daughter plans coming for a visit from New Zealand and I may have to pick her up in Toronto on that day. Its also the day before my birthday, which as we all know is a national celebration. And of course there's all the Easter eggs to hide. There's a lot of s**t happening !! Seriously, I'll be there if I can. I hate missing free food anywhere. Put me down for one, a definite maybe.
  11. I'm sitting at home wearing a 24hr Holter monitor.... how's that for good timing. I wish a happy and safe celebration to all those inclined to be green today.
  12. Just heard St.John's had a record wing gust last Saturday, highest in the last 40 years, at 157 km/hr. Will there be any awards for being there during the record winds? Maybe you could get T-shirts made up. I'll leave the caption to your imagination. How about 'Newfoundland blew me..... away'. If you folks ever get off 'the rock', have a safe and enjoyable trip back.
  13. Did you get all the Landcruiser parts you need?
  14. No room for a driver.
  15. Good to see those folks that were able to come out (10 of us in total). Too bad others local to St.Thomas and London didn't make it. The venue was very nice, the service was great and the food was terrific. All in all, an enjoyable evening for everyone (I hope).