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  1. Ahhhhh, now I get it… this guy is lonely and he’s here just to get a rise out of me/us.Ok, ARTZ/FARTZ you’ve had your fun now please move on.
  2. Hey, Bil do you know who this joker is? Or, anybody else here know who this ARTZ FARTZ guy is?
  3. Wow, that diesel looks purrrrity “under glass” Bil… thanks for posting those pics. Here’s a couple more pics of how I packed and shipped out speycaster’s engine cover just last Friday. BTW I do a test fit of the finished cover in my engine bay to double check it actually fits... before I'll ship. I take pride in everything I make and if it doesn't come up to my standards I just won't ship it!
  4. That's great to hear SCHMART... I'll look forward to your pics.
  5. Hi Dang,To be honest, I’ve been living with the clear Polycarbonate cover in my car so long that I can’t actually remember what the metal one did better for sound absorption. haha BTW I agree with you when you refer to the padding on the metal cover as being "quite thin".Not trying to avoid the question, IMO I don’t think there’s that much of a difference since it's the carpet and foam padding under it that seem to do most of the acoustic absorbing anyways. I really don’t think there’s a whole lot of difference (from what I remember ) going from the metal to the plastic but others may feel different.It’s probably better for me to leave this answered by others who have just made the change/transition (i.e. Bill, Todd and soon to be SCHMART) as they would be more sensitive to the recent change and can share their honest opinion.
  6. Hey Bil, simmer down now, that’s my daughter you’re talkin about.Then again, you can see she’s also a direct reflection of the quality of what "I can produce". hehehe lol
  7. Hello again fellow Smartie Fans, To share a little about me, I have a background in plastics and have worked in the Thermoforming & Fabricating industry for over a decade. I have (long) since retired and all my efforts in making these parts are for the sheer joy and fun of sharing in this cool tiny car that we all love so much. So, I started out making a test sample (clear polycarbonate engine cover) for myself about a year ago. I like to make sure whatever I’m going to offer can and will hold up before I actually sell it. I also did this with a custom Ram Air CAI system I use to sell (exclusively) for the New Turbo Beetle that I owned and loved for many years. BTW that was a very successful endeavor that I did for the VW crowd and got nothing but praise & compliments (and no returns) in the year and half I was producing them. If anyone is versed in the VW New Beetle forums you might have hear of it, it was called The BugMod CAI System. Anyhow, that was back then and now that I’m a diehard Smart Car owner (I have the 450 Coupe and my wife has a 451 Cabrio) my latest project to offer is now this clear polycarbonate engine cover for the Fortwo(s). Some of you may not know this yet but the metal OEM engine cover for the new 451 is identical (outside of the lock down latch) to the older 450’s. When I discovered this first hand I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. This means that my cover design is able to be used on either model and I need not come up with a second design to accommodate the new 451’s engine bay… they are simply interchangeable outside of the latch pin being different. Well, my testing was quite successful without any problems arising over the 6 months I used it. However, I did decide to upgrade to 3/16” thickness (as opposed to 1/8” on my test sample) because it’s just more ridged in holding up for storage purposes and physically feels much better. I’m glad to hear how happy both Bil and Todd are with my cover design because they both are my first recipients of this new product. I trust they’d report if something wasn’t right with their cover over the last few months they’ve used it on their cars and I’d make whatever adjustments were necessary before going ahead and offering this up for sale… thankfully it’s a “clear” go ahead. hehe So, with that said, I’m offering it for sale now to CSC forum members for $125 usd per cover + shipping costs. I take pride in whatever I make because I consider my name is on it (not literally though haha) and I know you’ll love it once you get it and see the quality I’ve chosen to make this at… hey, I have one on my car(s) and enjoy showing it off every chance I get to share my car with others. Below are a couple pics of my car’s install of the cover along with a beautiful model (my youngest daughter Amber) showing how you’ll get the finished cover with the protective paper still on it. FYI I don’t have to make these because I have plenty to do in my life as it stands (just ask my wife) but I do take a joy in the things I love and my Smart Car is more of a hobby with me than anything else (remember I’m retired and don’t need that daily transportation like most do). I had a great time making the BugMod CAI Systems for the season that they were in demand and made a lot of fellow New Beetle Turbo owners happy with my design (and the performance it yielded). I can only hope this new Smart (Clear-View) Engine cover will be as rewarding to make and offer now to fellow Smart owners. I really do look forward to hearing your remarks once you receive one and install it on your Smartie. It won’t do a thing for performance but it sure makes it pretty-errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Oh, Bil already mentioned it but I reiterate this so it’s "clear" (no pun intended). The only thing you’ll be required to do to fit this new cover to your car is remove the protective paper and install the latch that is on your existing OEM metal cover… that’s it! I can be paid through Paypal if you don’t use a Credit Card (sorry, I’m not setup for that and don’t want to be). The other alternative would be by check and that’s ok, but will take the extra time for mailing and clearing. So I’ll leave that up to you. Please PM me to place an order and send along your full name, shipping address, email address and phone # (if you wish). I will in turn get back to you through the email address you provide and you can continue to contact me through my email thereafter. I’m just trying to keep my email address from getting spammed so that’s why I’m doing it this way… thanks for your understanding. If you do have any questions, I'll try and answer them in the forum for the benifit of others to read.
  8. Hi guy's, Bill has made me aware of this thread but seeing it's Father's Day, I don't have time to respond today. Please hang in there and I'll get back with pics, details and pricing . to both MM and Bil for your glowing compliments of my work. later DonR
  9. Here's a link... to Kane's site with some helpful info on taking apart your (NG) key fob to make a tiny mechcanical spare for yourself.
  10. Hi Amy, Here's a link to what I posted on SCOA. Even thnough you were'nt there (at Bergstrom) to see the first fortwos to roll off the transport, I made this vid so you can experience what it was like... enjoy!
  11. Nothing…as I noted in my 1st post I want an extra one. So, the next question doesn’t have to be asked… I’m intending on modifying it so it will be see-through (have a window). I have a SW (race) aluminum air filer installed and I want to show it off. BTW I have a cool new product I’m working on that many -a - Smart owners I think will want to buy for their ride. But I have to keep it under wraps for the here and now. Bill, because of your kindness you’ll obviously be one of my first recipients for this item (that‘s if you want it of course hehe) … but you’ll have to wait cause I’m not ready to post about it yet. Fair enough? Now, please find that cover for me… because I can’t find anyone else that has one and willing to help me out!
  12. Hi Bill, I don't mean to bug you... but any word on that Air Box Cover for me?
  13. Hi Bill,Many thanks for your kind offer... I sent you a PM yesterday did you get it?
  14. Hi,I’m wanting to buy an extra AIR BOX COVER (just the cover and not the bottom box) for my 06 Smart. If I’m correct… the gas and diesel use the same AIR BOX so it should be interchangeable. If I’m wrong about this please let me know.If you or someone has a cover available please let me know either by post or PM… any help would be greatly appreciate.
  15. Hey, SCHMART you got the first true laugh of the New Year out of me I don't mean to make fun of you but you're going to kick yourself over this one. Here's a another pic of my car… with the spokes now going the same direction as in all the pics you posted. FYI all 4 wheels are made with the spokes going the same direction… therefore it just depends what side of the car you're looking at. Granted, it would be cool to have L & R wheels so they would match in spoke direction but probably not worth the money it would cost in manufacturing. It's enough that the F & B are different sizes in width (6.5" & 7"). for posting all those L side pics. I never grow tired of seeing these beautiful wheels on a Smart