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  1. LOVE the how-to's! Thank you!! No smart mechanics down here......
  2. Would like to see other smarts here at our Route 66 festival. August 14, 15, 16 in Kingman, Arizona. Info at # is 186452
  3. New, currently in Arizona. Must sell due to failing health (not mine) Custom made to 5' 6" X 8' 6". Has wrap around tongue and drop axel for loading ease. Have $1600 invested, will sell for $1200.......928-753-2369
  4. Gave up looking for an affordable or used carrier so had one made here in Las Vegas. Extras were drop axle, wrap around tongue, and 2 mesh covered ramps. PM me if you want info.
  5. Finally came upon this extra strong upholstery thread.....just fold over the top towards the back and stitch it together. It's like new again.
  6. I keep this picture on my smart rear window......thought it was funny, especially down here in the desert.....
  7. 7 years and counting on my original that I said that they will be dead tomorrow.......
  8. Saw a 2010 smart for sale on for $6900....only 15 miles on an experimental vehicle not allowed to licence down here....but Canada? It has a back seat!!! It can be found at AT-13639365. Seems like a good deal for someone.......they may have several......
  9. Took my 2006 in for an AC charge (starting to get HOT here in Arizona) and at the same time asked them to change the fuel filter (I bought an extra awhile ago) Picked up the car and he installed it but said it never had a fuel filter. Is this typical for a Canadian diesel? Should I have not put one on? Confused.........Cora
  10. This year it will be held May 4th thru May 6th. You can check out photos on line of past fun runs. Hope to see more Canadians again this year! Info is at ps.....after 6 years I now have Arizona plates......(a thank you to Gent)
  11. Does this look alot like our smarts? Just the details seemed to be changed. I was driving thru Las Vegas yesterday and saw this....did a double take....I LIKE it, but it is over $30,000.
  12. Thanks Glenn.....tempting but would certainly clash with my red...they SHOULD go to someone as spares. Reminds me of when I drove my car out of the showroom and didn't notice until I got to Arizona that the driver's panel was all wavy/ was listed as silver so the dealer must have put the red on, but boobooed. What a hassle to send one back (it's BIG) and wait for another! Then me, an amateur had to take off/put on the panel. Figured I paid for the pre-sale inspection (remember?) so didn't really notice. My bad.
  13. I think I already know the answer BUT is there any way to buy these two panel choices or are they long gone?
  14. As a resident of Route 66 I'll be sure to watch it. FYI....that episode is on Saturday, February 25th on the Science channel....but the series starts on January 21.