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  1. Looking at the underside of that car, what are the chances of getting a working diffuser at the back where the floor is open for the engine and gearbox? Something like a Lotus Elise/Exige? Just curious.
  2. SameGuy, I'm not sure what you mean. None of the bodywork has changed shape.
  3. Just over a year ago I got rear ended by a Merc ML. I was stationary waiting to turn off a main road into a garage. I got hit, went across the road, over the kerb and through the garage bollards. It knocked me out, put me in hospital for a week and off work for a month, my passenger walked out. It was a write off, but considering I got hit by a couple of tonnes of 4x4, the car did well and I know things could have been a lot worse.
  4. My opinion*... Do something that follows the styling lines of the car, or Do something completely random, a 'scratch black alike' with random lines all over the place. Something like this *Its your car, if you like it, keep it and stuff what everybody else thinks .
  5. http://www.autoblog.com/2009/02/15/new-veh...by-as-much-as-2 http://www.maxgladwell.com/2009/01/coeffic...inz/?awcom-0209 A new one - textured vinyl wrap. Works on the same idea as a dimpled golf ball going further than a smooth ball, they say it gives 25% improvement in economy. I can see it working and giving a slight improvement, but 25% sounds like a BS claim. If it goes commercial and has colours and designs available like a conventional wrap, it could be popular, there's a decent market for smart wrapping already, so if it gives better economy too, bring it on! Whaddya think?
  6. I've got a Griffin iSqueez on order, its a foam rubber filler for a cup holder that is meant for an iPod, but will probably take any handheld gadget or phone (it has a wide side for iPod and PDA sized stuff, and a narrow side for Nano or phone size things, with a hole in the bottom to feed a cable through for charging and/or audio. Also got a Kensington LiquidAUX that came this morning and is now set up, a charger/audio cable with a remote control for the steering wheel, it wraps around the rim with velcro. I've ordered the iSqueez from ebay as its discontinued now, been replaced with a new one that comes with separate charger and audio cables (I got the LiquidAUX because I wanted the audio from the dock port not the headphone port, one less cable, and it has a remote.
  7. Technically they have discontinued two colours. Metallic red has been replaced with a solid red. And in the UK anyway, MHD is standard on the non turbo 71bhp model.
  8. Yeah the Zonta isn't an off roader, its a very stripped down lightweight sports car, like the Atom. Maybe the angle of that picture isn't the best, but its more like the Ariel than an off road buggy!
  9. Another Smart based kit is the Zonta. Its a version of a Ford Focus based kit, with ForTwo parts replacing the Ford bits.
  10. I'm in the UK so don't have D either. I've got Soft Touch ( ) and paddles but I use the paddles all the time.
  11. So your valance light is a brakelight, not a foglight?
  12. Any idea if the locking front panel can be retro fitted to a current model?
  13. Do you mean the black lens lights on the side in the wings/fenders, or the orange pieces in the sides of the headlights? The equivalent of the original car's 'orange segment' lights is the orange piece in the headlights. I don't know of any replacement light units for the headlight pieces, but the black lens lights are 501A or W5W Amber bulbs (they are amber in the UK and europe, I'm guessing that these lights are amber in the US too.) Not too sure about the light spread of an LED in there compared to a bulb though. http://www.evilution.co.uk/pages/print.php?mod=101
  14. I can't read German so did a babelfish and a google translation of the article text. I think the colours information means this:There will be 2 new panel colours - solid red and a grey (probably metallic, the only solid grey paint I've seen is on the Mk1 Audi TT, or primer!) - replacing the current yellow and metallic red. I think its translating "Uni" as solid colour, not as the same colour panel and trid.
  15. In the UK we don't get the option of a turbo Pulse, it just has the non turbo 71bhp engine. Apparently with the turbo and the wide Pulse tyres together, the CO2 emissions would take it into a higher tax band, so road tax would be £115 instead of £35. You can have a Pasion turbo with the skinnier tyres, or a non turbo Pulse with wider tyres, turbo and wide tyres together takes the CO2 over 120g and into the higher band. At least I know what I'm missing now, its a mini Brabus!!