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  1. The turbo is ran by exhaust gas. As the metal flaked off it bounced around the cylinder scoring the walls and the pistol face, then passing through the exhaust valve and through the turbo.
  2. I'm on turbo four and engine two at 30,000km. Based on my experience, you're doing good.
  3. So since my last post I'm on turbo 4 and engine 2. Since the dealership refused to investigate the problem and resolve the issue that was causing my turbo's to go, the engine blew at 27,000KM. Yes thats right 27,000KM. The real issue ended up being a chunk of metal that was bouncing around in the valve train. As the metal flaked off, pieces were going through the engine and then passing through the turbo and causing damage. The metal finally jammed the exhaust valve closed on cylinder 2 and due to pressure, the head broke. There was no noise when this happened, just zero power, tons of black smoke, and a really violent share.So now I have 30,000KM and the car is running alright again. Anyone want to buy a 2006 pure, loaded with basically every option and an engine with only 3000KM's?I'm out,Matt
  4. My turbo is now replaced and I must say that the level of power that the car has is way higher now. I'm wondering if the turbo was defective from manufacturing slowly getting worse over time. Anyways, MB says that there was no engine damage so all is well.Thanks for the posts.
  5. good call ... I will make sure to mention this when I go back tomorrow. Thanks Mike
  6. Well I finally took my car into MB for an inspection. The mechanic took the turbo apart and found that one of the fins in the turbo has been damaged. I should here back within the week on when I can get it replaced.I'm a little concerned now. The only way a fin can get damaged is by hitting something (ie:rock). That would lead to me to believe that I need a new air filter too.
  7. Not likely to be caused by the powerbox but it cauld be a host of other problems. I would change your fuel filter if you haven't done so recently. If you have recently, I would maybe think about it again as it may have a hole in the screen. From my experience injectors fail when the vehilce has been sitting for long periods (>6 months) and fuel sours in them or when dirt is forced through them.
  8. As my turbo spools, at around 1900 RPM, it sounds as thought it is not lubricated properly. Normally when it is cold the same noise occures until the exhaust heat warms the turbo (which I am assuming promotes lubrication). Has anyone else noticed this issue? I will be taking the smart into the dealer soon to have a look, and will update on the outcome.
  9. I have a 2006 pure and for the last year I have thought that the seat was slowly tilting back on me. Now I wasn't sure because I experience some back pain and move the seat regularly to remedy this. It was evident when I pulled the top of the seat from the boot and the seat reclined. While I was in for a recent service interval, I mentioned it to the service desk and they had never heard of this before but ordered a waranty replacement seat bracket. Has anyone else had issues with this?
  10. When I ordered the PowerBox it took about 2 weeks. Customs had it for about 10 days. Knowing how fantastic it is, I don't know if I could wait that long again. Just a hint for anyone thinking of buying one ... TDC will FedEx it to you if you pay for the extra cost. They claim it cuts the delivery time in half.
  11. That is an awesome idea. I would almost put money on a code being thrown before you do any damage. Basically all the power box is supposed to do is increase air volume. Happy testing.
  12. 41 to 56 = 15HP gain.15 divided by 41 = .3658Ahha ... thats better.
  13. Wow ... my math skills where pretty bad. I don't know what the heck I typed into the calculator. Thanks for the correction. 22% increase. I have turned mine all the way up. The manual said that turning it all the way up may cause a code to be thrown, so I turned it up two revolutions at a time with a quick drive around the block each time. My theory, although maybe not accurate, was that a spike in voltage could cause an error and a slow progression could lower the chances. At any rate, I have no errors codes so I am happy. When the engine fires up cold there is a little puff of black smoke which is normal, and during heavy acceleration there is a little black smoke. I would say there is no more smoke than what is produced by the tune offered in Calgary. This coming from watching Dave blow by me in the summer climbing the hill at Lumsden.
  14. I took a chance and bought a tuner for my smart from TDC Technologies. Including shipping, tax, etc it cost $280. Since installing it (<2 minutes), you can really notice the power gain. I'll have to do a few more tests but living in southern Saskatchewan, its tough finding a high grade and long incline ... go figure. TDC claims that when the powerbox is set at the max level, the HP goes from 41(stock) to 50. Thats over 37% increase. The biggest reason I chose the CR-PB is because I can remove it when its time to go to the dealership for service and warranty work. If anyone in the Regina area wants to check it out or try it in their smart before making their descision up on a tuner PM me and we can set something up.
  15. Hallmark Autobody is a great shop. I would recommend them to anyone.